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Simple life

Watching the sunrise

Mesmerized by the waterfall

Life is simpler when you don't need to know it all

A cup of tea in the morning

Breathing in the fresh island air

Nature keeps me aware

This embodiment of Spirit will receive my care

A beautiful woman offering a smile to everyone who crosses her path

We lock eyes and our heart screams out to be heard

Love can be communicated clearer in the absence of words

I do not know the future

I have let go of the past

Life is short, it goes by in a flash

I don't need to do it all

A simple smile or a shaka to a stranger

Seems small to me, but for someone, it could be major

It starts with me

Love and acceptance with where I am at

Life is not a negotiation, don't sign the contract

Lessen your attachments

Lessen your burden

Don't count anything out

Because nothing can be certain

Simplify your life

And let it flow like a mountain spring

Don't be afraid to answer the next time the phone rings

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