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why I write

By: John Yarbrough

Pen in Hand

by John Yarbrough

Writing my thoughts on paper and I am unsure why

Can I make an impact on others long after I die?

My mission is to ease suffering but it starts with me

There remains an emptiness that keeps me from feeling complete

An emptiness with which to fill with whatever it is I desire

Keeping my heart pure of false pleasures to attain something higher

I am a healer, at least that is what I have been told

Denying this message throughout life, but reminded through ritual

I need to heal myself so that I can be at better service

Putting myself out there has only made me nervous

Positioning myself behind my pen has given me the courage to communicate my truth

I have had this inclination towards understanding the meaning of life since my youth

The words flow through me as I discover His wisdom

I have unfinished business before I join His kingdom

A pen and some paper are all I need

Spiling my wisdom like the ink that continues to bleed

I wake in the morning with thoughts coming, needing to be released

I grab the white notebook and write until I feel complete

As the moon joins my night, the candle gets lit

I pray to grant me more wisdom and communicate through spirit

Through poetry, this life I can further understand

I can create a better me with a pen in my hand

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