One Simple Kiss
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prayer for love

By: John Yarbrough

One Simple Kiss

by John Yarbrough

Cupid, strike me with your arrow

Take me as your victim and I'll take you as my hero

This life has been a lonely one indeed

Archangel Chamuel, find me a woman who accepts my love

Find us here on Earth so that we can join you up above

I know she holds the key to my heart I need

I know she is out there, where can she be?

Search in your heart so that you can find me

Together in heaven is where we will live for eternity free

Let's take our time and let this love grow

Too fast may cause the heart to explode

I've done that before. Like a race that ends up in a crash.

We shall build up a foundation in order for us to last

Thank you for the ability to give love and receive

I no longer fear and wear my heart on my sleeve

This is my badge and I am proud to display this

Let us claim each other with one simple kiss

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