Mythology and symbols 12/21/20
Mythology and symbols 12/21/20 life stories

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Mythology and symbols 12/21/20

Each night we sleep with dreams playing experiences in our mind.

It is the mythology and symbols that offer meaning for us to find.

Each morning we interpret and ask questions that make us think.

Put your mind to rest and find answers by letting your feelings sink.

Ask divinity a question, whether subconscious or not.

The answer is in nature and with attention it can be sought.

Before language and writing, symbols were used.

Because of lack of experience mythology was abused.

These sacred texts have been taken literally, the meaning is gone.

The message is in the symbols, playing like a melody within a song.

Each soul is unique, just as the way that this wisdom finds you.

Mythology and symbols are the origin, but each experience feels new.

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