The Vampire
The Vampire free verse stories

soulplxx I can't trust my brain
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First time posting here! Hope you enjoy :)

The Vampire

He was cuttingly cold, with starving eyes that would tear apart your soul

And expose your deepest secrets,

The untold weaknesses you spent years frantically burying

with fistfuls of dirt,

Uncovered themselves at his beckoning call

And an effortless wave of his hand.

He selfishly indulged in the thorough analysis

Of the hearts

Of each and every human he met.

I guess it was the only way

he could be close to becoming one.

Next to him, it was impossible to be unaware of your own irrelevance,

He was overwhelming, despite his wish to be the opposite,

To appear small, unthreatening,

He needed to convince you of it.

He needed to convince himself of it because he was aware

Of his true potential.

Thank god he acted the way he did,

And it was only his eyes that tore you apart.

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