Hollowed Heart
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soulplxx I can't trust my brain
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I've been finding it difficult to write lately but here's something I wrote after taking a break for a little while. Hope you enjoy!

Hollowed Heart

When the flames of the fireplace turned to biting frost

And friends became strangers with eyes absent of care

I attempted to convince "It's all in my head"

But the pain was real enough to disfigure and warp

My reflection in the mirror to nothing beyond feeble recognition.

I pick myself up from the floor with a quivering heart,

But the only thing I can hear is the fearful beat of yours;

Even across the screaming distance of the room

And the even larger one between who I am and who I used to be.

I suddenly felt a fleeting jolt of despair

But reminded myself: you can't be moved by feelings you don't have.

My soul has been severed, six, seven, eight times-

With each cut spilling good intention to an unfortunate waste,

Until I'm left barely half a human.

I wonder if you're scared of what I have become.

"Why are you crying?" I ask,

But I already know the answer.

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