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sotobukarti attempt to recognize my kind of nature
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A metaphor in journey of life for someone who has mental health, trying to take off the dependence.

Help me!

"You can plant flowers in the space of someone else's absence. You can still feel the absence but you'll learn how to grow your own flowers without the help of anyone, and in time, you'll have a garden full of the things you love" - Aria

When we contemplate the length of journey of life and side by side with all problems, they speak simply that "life is too short, so don't wasting your time!"

The truth is, that we live in their judgement so we push ourselves to feel incapable of living in this shitty life. No matter how hard we try, we will collapse of unworthy feelings and be in the situation at another level of numb.

In fact, the social system in society that is currently prevailing cannot be blamed, but it is the emphasis on an individual who fails to adapt to this layer that should be resolved. The laws of nature that occur in the universe do not only apply to the physical human being, but also affect the evolutionary changes in the human soul and back to regress.

Have you ever thought that some creatures in this world are not fit to live, even if that also applies to humans?

Some people are born with disabilities, and others grow in harsh environment, or even die without physical disabilities but with a state of chronic mental illness.

However, is the situations in those people's lives are same? Like supportive family or friends, and then get into the maturation stage that will giving further damage and bigger problems.

These significant difference is visible and made the reason why people without disabilities die first. Those who are sick can be taken to the hospital and given flowers, visited and treated.

A person with mental illness has a physical that can still be managed, an unhealthy soul will torment the inner heart, then mind are not able to use common sense and ended with the other person's skeptic that we are okay and they make our situation more worse.

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