Death (in the ocean)

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sorphoantevyhan Community member
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I come up with this piece when it's raining outside. Hope you enjoy! ;)

Death (in the ocean)

I stand afar on distanced shore. I hear mighty rolling waves roar.

The ground begins to shake and crack. The blissful sky changes to pitch black. The blustery wind brings news of death.

I run till both of my feet bleed, My heart beats fast, I'm short of breath.

No time to frown, No time to yawn, For death has come upon my soul.

The calming sea I once gaze upon in awe now rages violently to devour me. Its waves are as high as a mountain top, as loud as a thunderclap.

With a blink of an eye, before I can see what's really happening, The powerful waves soon swallow me into the depth of the ocean.

Water rushes all over me, My heart stops beating, I stop breathing, My eyes are closing, My mind starts wandering.

Darkness surrounds me, Fear grips me, Regrets clutch me, Leave me no peace!

Where will I be? What will I become? Silence to these questions makes me horrified!

I don't to be dead, It's just not the right time yet!

I want to know where do I come from? where do I belong? Where will I go?

I want to know who am I? Why am I here? I want to leave a legacy behind, A name to be remembered!

I don't want to die in silence without any remembrance, I don't want to die in fear without knowing why I'm here, I don't want to die a sudden death, and all my hopeful dreams fade.

Alas, Loucianna dies with her eyes open. Her body lies on the ocean floor waiting to be decayed. The pure ocean that is polluted and destroyed without mercy by her generation now turns its back and bring destruction.

There's no more another chance for Loucianna! So, we should live our lives to the fullest when we can, Be grateful to everything, Be kind and considerate to all.

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