To love

sororyukiI translate some stories as Soror.
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Do you still hope the future? Even if you already know the love won't last forever.

To love

by sororyuki

"So, what's next?" She said and seemed to think of nothing. I knew she was acting tough as best she could and it caused her tried-hard-not-to-cry face.

"What?" "Is there NEXT for us?" She always pretended to be look okay in front of me but the time, completely different which is so sadly diminished.

Her beautiful shoulder showed up from sheets. I softly embraced hers. We expected absolute NEXT more than future on our relationship every time.

Unbalanced, Unsure, Unintelligible It's just like me. "Okay, what are you thinking of want me to do next?"

As possible as I could, I acted with a smile nastily as usual so she seemed to have relieved. "Fool you." After that, she smiled.

I couldn't give her my future. Instead of, I gave her a card which will be destroyed my future. Perhaps, I will be killed by the card someday. This is my Proof of Love.

******* I was always alone. Of Course, I was loved by someone but I have never felt the love from the action what they gave me.

Love is a verb. The word have to follow the action. I could hear so many times something like "I love you" but I couldn't trust the word from bottom of my heart.

I thought I would be forever alone. But I met him. "Helplessly, I love you" He always said HELPLESSLY. I understood the means as IT CAN NOT BE HELPED.

It was true about our relationships. I had no choices because he always got them every time and I kept hoping which became suit thing for me.

The truth is, I got one choice, or one card. He couldn't throw a thing away and I am the one could break it away.

I won't never turn a card over. Love is a verb. The word have to follow the action. NOT ACT was my proof of love.

(I love you.) (I love you too.)

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sororyukiI translate some stories as Soror.
6 months agoReply
@tdog16 Thank YOU for picking up its meanings! I am so glad to know you were twisted what you believed about love. I will try to write more stories something like that:))

tdog1614 and excited!
6 months agoReply
Very wise story! You really embraced the meaning and importantance of the word love. I believe that love is something that barely any of us reach because we are so stubborn and confuse it with twisted what I believe...making it taught a life lesson of holding onto those words until you truly mean it...thank you for expressing and making a story about this!

sororyukiI translate some stories as Soror.
6 months agoReply
@bernardtwindwil thank you so much for your warmness comment :)

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
6 months agoReply
The future is inexorable. Love is not. You did a wonderful job describing your position on this theme. Great job!!!!!