A Very Short Funny Story
A Very Short Funny Story very short funny story stories
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sorata_is_edgy No longer will I be controlled.
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The title is self explanatory.

A Very Short Funny Story

Here's a very short funny story.

One time

I had written a poem titled "The 5th" that was essentially a declaration against bullying and those who had hurt me in the past,

and plays off the idea of the Fifth Amendment of the United States also often referred to as "the right to remain silent."

I was very proud of this poem.

So I went around showing it off at school.

One person got startled by reading it and ran away afterwards.

He was slightly scared of me afterwards, and never explained why.

I always chuckle a bit when I recall that.

Thank you for reading, I hope this story amused you as well.

If you want to use this story or any of my other posted works, please give credit to my alias "N. Sorata".

Keep being awesome.

-N. Sorata

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