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sorry about the brief hiatus, i was tired. this poem is older (what else, i'm insecure in my new poems) and it's about fighting for your place in a world that rejects you. what i want you to take away from this poem is that you can fight for your space like so many before you. let's all break the canvas and re-create adam. xx


i am born to be an outsider i learned to distance myself from others watch them like a movie

a connoisseur of art long glances at smudged paintings of our human life

i’m not made to inhabit those artworks i watch, waiting to see if the statues move

sometimes, i dare to touch the canvas break through the velvet ropes the “DO NOT TOUCH” signs the security guards

i dig my fingernails in i punch until my hands reach through the layers of time-hardened color i am re-creating adam

take up this knife and cut it into soul-shaped bits hear the ripping sound as the clandestine scene that wouldn't have me disintegrates

i’ll whittle away at the world carve a place for myself that fits nicely i am born to create this little hole to fight until i can be free

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