Letting Go
Letting Go
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soph_writes Lover of Books and romance♥️
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Mother’s Day poem, it’s a little sad. It’s about letting your children go off to college or to lead their own life. Especially if you love them very much.

Letting Go

Mother’s Day Poem By @soph_writes

It's time to take flight

Open your W I N G S

And Take

And Take F

And Take F L

And Take F L I

And Take F L I G

And Take F L I G H

And Take F L I G H T

I sorry dear, It’s time to fly

I held on to you So tight

So, Hold your breath

And Learn to fly

Because, you’ll need it Soon enough

When my time Is done And my breaths are Snuffed

You’ll be on your own.

I’m sorry dear, I love you much.

But this day,

As your mother I have to let you go.

Bye my love, I wish you well. I love you so.

Goodbye, and Farewell

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