Personal Space....

Personal Space.... feeling stories

somia Soulful poetess penning down my thoughts
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Importance of personal space....

Personal Space....

How important is it to you? Its importance might differ among most of you Lately I have started seeing it in a different point of view

An environment where the number of people are few Where I feel comfortable without thinking what others think about you

Why do people need to respect and understand it? When it is lost in a relationship, why do people quit and split

As it is an important thing that a couple should commit Maintaining it leads to a healthy relationship should not be hard to admit Its importance is not only limited between a couple one should get it

When you reach a certain age, you expect it from your family too Because at that time what's going on in your life is something new

You want them to understand what you are going through Not to interfere, give some time and support is what you ask them to do

That doesn't mean you don't want them to get involved with you Just let them know you love them and they will always be a part of you!!

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