You're gonna be okay

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Someone's absence is the loudest thing you'll ever know.

You're gonna be okay

"She is my child. She was part of my world to me." Mother heartbreaking voice played over and over like broken record in my mind.

Yes, it is true that she was your child just as much she was my sister. Yes, you've lived in a world without us but I haven't. And that's the root of the problem.

She was my "world", what am I suppose to do now. I've never been so alone before, how can I continue to live in this world if she is no longer here.

My twin who I knew since the womb, who I loved-still love-and will love all throughout eternity, my other half of soul who knows me better than my own mother.

How an I suppose to move on when I lost half of me? "You can", your twin ghost whispers, "because you are the strongest person I know.

It will hurt more than any wound of the heart you had before. It won't heal but you can live a life with it because you are alive for a reason.

That reason is to live for me, a fulfilling life for the both of us."

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