Just some little time for us....
Just some little time for us.... first_poem stories

someone_curious (Thinking about some cool description)
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My first poem in this platform!

Comment about it!

Just some little time for us....

Can't we just take a break from our lifeline

Disconnecting us from everything;

Laying still in bed, enjoying

Some halt, and a brief unwrapping.

Permitting our mind to go bizarre and wild

Allowing thoughts to come up as it wants,

Let them be like bubbles erupting at the surface of the water

And obverse them burst one by one.

Those thoughts raising in the head can be peculiar

Some form of the actions we do in daily life,

Also, they might be with little secrets we barely remember

Still, it will heal those unseen wounds of our mind.

Can't we just disconnect and pause a bit

Just to soothe our hearts, for some time?

-Anirban Mukherjee (@someone_curious)

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