The Hungry Days
The Hungry Days dog stories

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A dog is wondering what has happened to his owner that hasn’t left his room in a few days.

The Hungry Days

Day One without Food: My dad has not gotten up today. He is still in his room. I wonder if he will feed me today. I am really hungry, and it is a little cold in here. Maybe if I curl into a ball I will be nice and warm. It is almost my bedtime so I am going to sleep. Hopefully, my dad will get up tomorrow.

Day Two without Food: He has not gotten up again. Maybe, he is just taking a long hibernation like a bear. It is winter. I wonder if I should take a hibernation too. I am still a little hungry and the house is still cold, but I will be alright. I am not going to bother my dad because he is really old and tired and needs his sleep. I really hope he will get up tomorrow.

Day Three without Food: I am really hungry. I have not eaten in almost one hundred days, almost. I wonder if my dad will get up tomorrow. Should I try to wake him up? No, he will be up tomorrow for sure.

Day Four without Food: He still is not up. Did he leave and forgot about me? No, I can still smell him in there; but he smells really weird and stinky. Probably because he has not taken a shower in four days.

Day Four cont. Speaking of water I am really really thirsty I wonder if I can reach the sink. Ooh, yes, delicious liquid sustenance. Never has water tasted so good. Maybe if I fill my stomach with water, then I will not be so hungry anymore.

Day Five without Food: I am so hungry. I think that I might die if I do not get some food in my stomach soon. I could probably break into the food cabinet, but my dad will not like that. He would not want me to starve either though. I will just wait for him to wake up tomorrow.

Day Six without Food: I am getting a little worried. I think that I should try to wake him up. If I bark loud enough, he might wake up. He is not waking up, but he must be really tired then.

Day Seven without Food: I think I need to go wake him up in a different way. If I go crawl up onto his bed, then maybe he will wake up like he usually does. The door is open a crack and I am going in there. Ugh, it smells worse than a dead skunk in there.

Day Seven cont. I am jumping onto the bed. He looks all white and he is really cold like that squirrel that got hit by a car and died the other day. Oh, no, what if he got hit by a car and died too, but there are no cars in here. Maybe he was shot like the turkeys. He must be dead because when I nudge him he does not wake up like that squirrel.

Day Eight without Food: I am so very sad that my father is dead. I will howl my sorrows like a wolf. I hear someone at the front door, but I refuse to leave my father. They are banging on the door, but I can not leave him. Someone is in the house, but I will not move. I will die with him if I have to.

Day Eight cont. Someone walks into his room; I recognize her as the lady who lives next door. She screams and talks on the ringing thing. Later people come and try to pull me away from him, but I do not want to go. They drag me away scratching, growling and biting and put me in a cage in the back of a truck.

Day Eight cont. They send me back to the place that my father saved me from. They put me in the same cell that I was in when I was a young pup. I do not want to be here I only want to be with my father. I try to escape, but my head gets stuck in between the bars.

Day Eight cont. It is difficult to breathe with the bars so tight around my neck. I can not breathe anymore. My eyes are getting blurry. I think that I am dying like my father. At least now I will be with him. I am happy as the world goes black because I know that I will see him again.

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