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I try

That girl

I've never been that girl

Who comes out of a relationship and instantly finds herself in another (effortlessly)

It was never destined for me to be that girl

That girl... whom people never stop confessing their unyielding love for them

That girl... people can't stop talking about how pretty they are

That girl... who can get the guys do anything with just little hair flipping and sweet talks

That girl... who knows how to flirt properly

That girl... who can put on makeup effortlessly

I wish I was that girl

That girl... who can post a photo on Instagram and not find a hundred insecurities as she presses the post button

That girl... who everyone talks about and want be like

I know I shouldn't let these things bother me

But the truth is

But the truth is they do

It seems as if having lack of attention is seen as an abnormality

I'm always forced to ask myself

I'm always forced to ask myself what's wrong with me?

And my inner self always replies - everything

Maybe I wasn't destined to be that girl

But be something more

To be the girl who lives her life

To be the girl who loves herself for who she is

To be the girl who doesn't rely on people's attention to feel alright

I want to change

I want to be someone who knows who she is , what she wants and fights for it until she achieves it

Someone who has insecurities but at the end of the day says - whatever

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