Dancing Girl
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somebeauty Why? Well, Why not?
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I met this girl and then wrote a poem about her. Wow. Okay, Enjoy.

Dancing Girl

Dancing girl

Oh dancing girl

Thank you for waltzing into my life, dancing girl

You said you were looking for a friend

Someone to be as crazy as you

You swept me off my feet

Dance with me, oh dancing girl

Spin me around as people come and go

Sing with me as we jump around

Never mind the people who probably think we're insane

Just stay with me, dancing girl

I could dance all night if only with you

You make me forget this pain surrounding me

Even with sparklers, your smile is the brightest

You make me happy, dancing girl

Remember our steps

one, two, one, two

forward, left, back, right

Spin out and spin straight back

We created our own dance

It's crazy but as long as we smile, it's okay

Dancing girl

Oh dancing girl

I think I love you, dancing girl

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