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The first half of my Siren Head-inspired story.
*I do not own the rights to Siren Head, this is merely a story inspired by the creature created by Trevor Henderson (who I'm pretty sure is the original creator of Siren Head). I'm sure this is fine, though, since I don't make any profit off of Commaful stories :p*

Siren Head

The day started off like any other. I was out in the woods by my family's new house, exploring the land around the little cottage.

My parents had always loved the idea of living in the woods, and they finally managed to get a house close enough to a town that they could work in and my brother and I could go to school in.

My little brother, Daniel, didn't like nature as much as the rest of us did, but he didn't mind living out here as long as he still had his books and a nice bedroom to read them in.

We had finally gotten our own bedrooms, since the last house we had lived in we had to share with our uncle until he got a job.

He finally found a place that would hire him, and after a while, he was able to pay for his own apartment. Without him to look after, we decided to move.

Neither me nor my brother minded too much. It wasn't very far from our old town, so we could still visit our friends.

And it would be nicer for our dog to live in a place with woods and fields to play in.

I had left Bailey in the house, but Mom called me and told me to bring him along. I also took his leash, since it was a new place and I wanted to keep him close to me so he didn't get lost.

I made sure to keep my cell phone with me, in case of emergency, but also to take some pictures. I enjoyed taking photos of nature, plus I wanted to post them on Instagram for my friends to see.

We headed away from the cottage in the direction of the town, which was about nine miles away.

I soon decided to head in the opposite direction, since there was a loud and busy highway passing through the forest.

I also knew that Mom and Joyce would go into hysterics if they knew that I tried to cross a busy road like that.

So, I turned around and walked back towards the house, quicker this time, since I had already wasted ten minutes.

I texted Mom and let her know that I was heading in the other direction. She messaged back "Okay, just head back before 6! Remember, Joyce is making shepherd's pie!"

I responded with a thumbs up and then put my phone back in my jacket pocket. It was 4:28, which meant I had plenty of time to explore.

In a few minutes, Bailey and I had passed the cottage again and were heading in the other direction, which was mostly open fields with a few patches of trees.

I didn't mind that there was less forest, since there was a small stream running through the plain. We wandered for a while, just enjoying ourselves in the beautiful outdoors.

Bailey found some frogs in the stream, and I discovered some minnows in a little pond.

It wasn't until it got darker that something went wrong.

Out of nowhere, Bailey started barking at something I couldn't see. I looked in the direction that he was facing, but all I saw was a grove of trees.

I assumed he must have seen a deer, but we hadn't seen any earlier. As a matter of fact, we hadn't seen any animals, aside from the frogs and fish.

I should have realized that it was strange, but I was too busy admiring the scenery. After a couple of seconds, Bailey stopped barking, so I passed it off as normal.

He seemed pretty comfortable, so I unhooked his leash from his collar and looked around for a stick in order to play catch with him.

There weren't any around me, so I went closer to the grove of trees that Bailey had been barking at to see if there were any there.

I bent down to pick one up once I found it, but when I stood back up, Bailey had disappeared.

I hope you enjoyed the first half of my Siren Head-inspired story! Like for the second half!

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