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Chapter 2

SHERLOCK (season 5)

HER LAST BOW Chapter 2

"And got killed instead." John continued. "Just want to exercise all of our options, since there is no cause of dead. Aren't you guys forgetting one other option?" "And that is?" Lestrade asked.

"Natural cause. People die everyday." John answered.

Lestrade thinks again. "There is that possibility"

"Oh come on, John" Sherlock scoffed.

"Not every dead in unusual places is murder, Sherlock. There isn't always a witch to hunt or a monster to catch." John keep preaching.

"If that's the case, Lestrade just waste us a fine evening outside." Sherlock said.

"It's not definite yet. Let me update you guys when we have a lot of more infos." Lestrade said while closing his files.

"You might want to check with her doctor, if she had any underlying health problems." John added.

Sherlock and John walks away from the crime scene.

"What is that lady doing anyway alone in a hotel like this." John talks to himself.


Back at Baker street, Molly and Mrs Hudson are having a tea with Rosie.

The door is suddenly opens, it's Mycroft again.

"Ah, evening Mrs. Hudson, Molly. I see you ladies is preoccupied. Please don't mind me, i'm just here for a routine check up."

Molly looking at Mrs. Hudson looking for clue.

"Oh, he's just looking around, wondering if his brother back with the sauce again." said Mrs. Hudson. "You need to be careful now!" shout Mrs. Hudson, but Mycroft is already upstairs.

Mrs. Hudson shaking her head. "Sherlock always now, and his brother keep coming back. They both so genius but a complete fool at the same time." Mrs. Hudson grumbled.

A noise comes from upstairs. It seems Mycroft really into his search.

"Oh dear, what am I going to say to Sherlock and John this time." Mrs. Hudson quickly leaves Molly and Rosie alone.

A couple minutes later Mycroft comes back downstairs.

"Well either he's clean or he hides it on thin air." Mycroft said while enters Mrs. Hudson kitchen. He sees Molly and Rosie and as he never talks to them alone before he lost in what to say.

"Flowers." he said pointing at a couple of roses lying on the desk. "For the upcoming Valentine i presume?"

"Yes." Molly answered as Rosie begins to fall asleep, so Molly put her back in her stroller, leaving Mycroft alone.

Mycroft still looking at the roses in the table, picking up one and analyzing it as if it was something he never sees before.

"Why is it an individual so happy receiving such thing with no values within and will die the next day is beyond me." Mycroft talked to himslef.

Molly just got back from putting Rosie to sleep comes back just in time to catch the phrase.

"Do you have someone you want to give it to?" she asked.

"I beg your pardon?" Mycroft confused.

"Flowers.. for valentine." said Molly.

"Well.. I.." Mycroft thinks for a second before answers. "No, it's to much of a gesture for my taste." he continued.

Molly smile and reach to one of the little basket and begins to cutting some of the little roses.

"It doesn't have to be a big bucket, with bows and lots of flowers." Molly begins to arranges a few flowers into the small basket. "It could be just small enough to get someone attention.

" just when Molly finished the sentence, a simple bucket of roses in small basket is presented.

Mycroft examines the basket of little roses. It is small enough to be deliver in a box and it doesn't caught enough attention. And most importantly, he doesn't hate it.

"You can have it if you want." Molly said

Mycroft lift the basket hesitantly, still thinking.

".. I can sent it for you if you want." Molly offered.

Now Mycroft averts his eyes to Molly.

"Can I.. would you do that?" he asked.

Molly answered with a smile and nodded. "You can give me the address and i'll put it in a box. And I promise, I won't tell the boys upstairs." she said again. She left Mycroft to look for a box.

"Mrs. Hudson must have some of those little boxes here."

Molly then gives Mycroft a piece of paper.

"What is this?" Mycroft asked again.

"The name of the receiver off course. And if you like, a notes to her as well."

Mycroft looking at the paper as if there's a missile launch codes in it. He then take it anyway, but before he writes down anything, he looks at Molly and talk again, "Molly, how do I say this.. My brother.. he.. he doesn't deserve you."

Molly stuns a little while after hears Mycroft words. For a moment, they both share a look, knows what those words are meant for. But Molly just smiles without saying anything.

She puts the basket of roses in a box.


The valentine day has come, Mrs. Hudson living room is filled with roses. She and Molly do as what they planned to do, giving away roses that morning.

The scent of roses seems to reach the two guys living in the flat upstairs.

"Can you believe the smells.." said Sherlock with agitation.

"Well, it's this time of the year you couldn't blame them." said John without moving his eyes from Rosie.

"Speaking of which, it's unusual for you to not have any one of your dates." said Sherlock cynically.

"As a matter of fact, i do have a date later this evening." John said proudly.

"How about Rosie?" Sherlock asked.

"Molly is going to take her to the daycare later. I'm going to pick her up with Stacy. She's my date." John said proudly again. If there's one thing he excels from Sherlock is in the female area.

John stands up while holding Rosie. "And I hope you in your best behaviour with her this evening"

Sherlock look at John confused "What?" he said.

A ring comes from Sherlock's phone saving an argument from both the gentleman.

"Lestrade said he has new updates from the lady in brown murder." Sherlock said. "Let's go John." Sherlock grabs his coat in an instance and look at John who stares at him in agony.

"What?" asked Sherlock cluelessly.

"Again Sherlock.. once in a while you might want to notice that Rosie, my daughter, is here." John protested.

"Right.. ahh, Mrs. Hudson and Molly is here." Sherlock suggested.

Sherlock pointing at the sound of excitement downstairs. He hurries climb down the stairs and shout, "Mrs. Hudson, Molly, its nice that you two have come back. How's the flower.. thing.. going? Fine? Right, do you both mind taking care Rosie for a while. We have some urgent matter to attends. You know, murder."

Mrs. Hudson and Molly still holding empty baskets on their hands looking at Sherlock with amusement.

"Sherlock, dear. We just come home.." Mrs. Hudson said.

"That is right Sherlock, they just come home. We can't just ask them to randomly to taking care of Rosie." John joins the conversation.

"I can watch her." Molly's voice bring silence to the whole room. Even Sherlock looking at her almost surprised, enough to not reply anything.

John comes down the stairs, "Molly, you can't keep doing this... no, I can't keep doing this. Rosie is my daughter, and you spending time with her much more than I do."

"I know how it is, John. I'm going to take her to daycare later anyway. Come Rosie." Molly said patiently, as she takes Rosie from John and put the last rose and slip it in to her ears.

John still hesitant, he knows their taking advantage of Molly's kindness and affection for Rosie.

But is it alright to do so? After all that had happened, he thinks if Molly could be more selfish, she should have walk away and never looking back to Baker street ever again. But here she is.

"Alrighty then, lets go John. We'll be home before dinner." Sherlock marching through the front door uncared.

John with the soldier heart in him stand straight before leaving and bow a little to Molly. "Again, Molly. I am really sorry. I'll make it up to you one day"

Then his off to follow Sherlock.


They arrived at a flat in suburb London. Lestrade already there waiting for them outside the flat's entrance. He is talking to one of his subordinate in high tone, he seems sterner than usual.

"What happened?" Sherlock asked after they have done talking.

"We need to take another look with the hotel room, but the hotel said they can not do so, because they already sold the room.".

"Already? For a murder room that actually rather fast, isn't it?" John asked.

"That is answer a lot of questions." Sherlock mumbled. "So, i presume this is the victim's home?"

"Yes, I thought you might want to take a look." Lestrade take Sherlock and John inside.

"She lived alone with her cats, as you said. But we don't find anything that could help us find the murderer."

Lestrade opens the door to the lady's flat. The first sight they fed upon is a female officer busy gathering 3 cats who keeps running away.

"The cats might have walk all over any left evidence." Sherlock try to observes as much as he can. But he then suddenly stand up and look at Lestrade.

"Just feed me all the info you have." Sherlock commanded.

Lestrade open his file. "As I said, the ex-husband had an airtight alibi. She doesn't have any much friends, she does comes to a book club, keep in touch with her alumni.. but.."

"Cause of death, have you found it yet?" Sherlock asked again.

"Right now we didn't have any exact cause of her death. She didn't have any external trauma. No underlying health conditions. We didn't found any needle shot that might cause her death, and she didn't ingest any poison.."

"How about drugs?" Sherlock asked again.

"No recreational drugs if that is what you mean. No sleeping drugs. There are a couple over the counter drugs that she had, but there is nothing poisonous." Lestrade explained.

"Not, if you take it alone." Sherlock said.

Lestrade and John gaze upon Sherlock.

"Have you solve it? The murder?" John asked.

"Oh, it isn't a murder. But it is a crime." Sherlock answers while smiling at them.

"The victim.." Sherlock pauses, "What's her name again?"

"Letitia Balden" Lestrade answered.

"Right. Mrs. Balden as i pointed out before, is a middle age lady, fighting for her aging."

"The botox shots?" John asked.

"Well done John, you remember. I think she was going to upgraded her treatment."

Lestrade and John look at each other in confusion.

"She was going to have plastic surgery?" Lestrade asked.

"You can say that, but as you can see from this flat, she's not in a great financial aid. So, like many Americans going to Mexico for plastic surgery.."

"She's going to do it ilegally." Lestrade said in amusement. "But how did you know?"

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