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Chapter 17

SHERLOCK (season 5)


John drives away in full speed, but he notices they still being tailed. He doesn't want Molly's effort to be in vain, but the two SUV chasing them are getting closer.

Suddenly he hears something. It was from a far but it's definitely the sound of a chopper. Sherlock who sits enervated inside the truck slowly arise to look outside.

They can not locate where the chopper is in the sky, but suddenly the two cars behind them is being shot at by it. And from the sky, slithers black suited armed man.

Their identity is unknown because their head is covered in a mask, but one thing for sure, they were helping them.

One of the black mask man jumps to the truck's roof and with no effort slides next to John's side of the car.

"Evening, Dr. Watson. You can slow down the car now. You don't want to hurt the baby." he said.

John looks at the mask man and shouted. "You!"

"I can't let you guys have fun on the outback yourself, can't I." the guy said.

When John finally stops the car. The man remove his mask, and it was James again.

The car trailing them already being defeated now and they catch all the remaining Moriarty's man.

Another masked man, approaches the truck and James.

"Open it." it was a female voice.

James obediently opens the truck's back door. There they found Sherlock and Mycroft.

"Evening, Mr. Holmes and Mr. Holmes." James didn't lost his cheerfull attitude.

"James! Help her! She's still in the warehouse! With Moriarty!" Sherlock shouted.

James looks at the woman in the mask. "Go." she said. Clearly she was the one in charge.

"On it, on it." James said while runs to one of Moriarty's man car.

He left them with an army of black mask man and the woman in charge. She approaches Sherlock and Mycroft before revealing herself.

It was Lady Elizabeth Smallwood, which look weird wearing a black tight suit.

"Well aren't you look like shit, Mycroft." she said before calling her men to help him.



They all gathered in what appears to be a private instalation of a hospital. There is no other patients in the building aside from the one allowed to enter it.

There gathered, Sherlock, John, James, Lady Elizabeth, and Mycroft who still in a wheel chair.

"How is she?" Sherlock asked.

"Weak but alive. She has a little bit mall nutrition, probably because living in the outback with minimum contacts with source of food. The gas made her more weak, and also..

the stress of the journey, while carrying baby everywhere, must have take a toll on her. But other than that.. just give her a time to heal." Lady Elizabeth said.

"It's time we compare notes, is it?" she said again.

"Where should we begin?" Mycroft asked.

"Right from the moment you try to faked her death." Sherlock said

"Correction, she is the one who faked her own death." Mycroft replied.

"Alright, do jump in if you need so. So it's started on Valentine's day, she faked her death, made us believe.. well made you guys believe that she killed herself." Lady Elizabeth said.

"That probably the whole picture." John said.

"Did you lads ever wonder, how I am able to helped you on the right time." Lady Elizabeth asked, not shy from exagerating the fact that the men owed her their life.

"Please, enlight us." Mycroft said.

"It was her who alarmed us. She sent me a note, asking for cooperation." Lady Elizabeth explained.

"How did she do that?" John asked.

"With this." Lady Elizabeth shown them a picture of a little bucket of rose, the one she received from Mycroft on Valentine's day.

"The roses!" Mycroft shouted.

"You sent roses?" Sherlock in disbelief.

"There was a note inside it, informing what might happened and asking for assistance too. Therefore, I sent James to investigate, but..

James also has personal reason, aren't you James?" Lady Elizabeth looks at his subordinate dearly.

"I'll explain myself when the right time comes." he smirked.

"What will you gain by helping her?" John asked.

Lady Elizabeth meaningfully smiles and look at Mycroft. "Power over one or two things."

"Here's a question. So all this time, those riddle password, puzzled treasure hunts.. who helps her with that? Is it.. Moriarty or is it you guys?"

"I think, Moriarty did make an appearance to her, but before he exposed himself to her. She already consulted to Hercule Poirot, with me." James said surprising everybody.

"And when Moriarty finally asked her to lured out Sherlock and John out of London, she already knows what to do."

"About this guy, is he really Moriarty or..?" John asked again.

"Fake." Sherlock said. "I told you Moriarty is dead right. This guy is.."

"Indeed Moriarty. Only not the same one you encountered before." Lady Elizabeth cuts in. She presented an old photo. "Moriarty has a brother.

He might instructed his brother to do this after his death. And.. I think Moriarty also composed it with a help."

"By who?" John asked.

"Eurus." Mycroft answered. "Those five minutes unsupervised visit must have orchastrated all this."

"So, Ms. Hooper came to Hercule Poirot asking for advice. All the puzzle password must have come from Moriarty, engineered by his brother and Eurus."

"How about that guy in the outback, with all those boys?" John asked.

"Part of Moriarty's plan." Sherlock answered.

"There's something bothering me." John said. " At the warehouse, when you strapped into the operation table.. how did you know she's faking it? After she jammed a knife to your chest."

Sherlock smiles. "Picture of Dorian Gray." he said.

"What?" John confused

"Remember when we came to Molly's apartment to investigate her death.. and there's a big bookshelf on her flat?"

"Yeah, sure."

"The books on the shelf were all brand new, untouch, except one.."

"Picture of Dorian Gray." John guessed.

"That's right. So I read it, as you know, a couple times. And that night at the warehouse when I was tied to the table, she recited it. A quote.. actually two quotes from Picture of Dorian Gray. The first was :

"I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them." The second was : "Some things are more precious because they don't last long."

As you know Dorian Gray has a secret painting, in which his true self was hide on that painting. And the one he presented in front of everybody is the fake one. That's what Molly has been doing back then."

"So the book was a code and a message for you." John summarized it up.

"That and the fact she slipped a scalpel under the operation table so I can set myself free." Sherlock added.

"The one thing that we missed is that, Moriarty actually targeting the older Holmes not the younger one." Lady Elizabeth continued. "He dreamed big, but he is not his brother, this Moriarty.

All the excellent plan, but he lacked on the actual action, just look at all the fools he hired for guards. Thankfully it played well in our favor."Lady Elizabeth said.

"Well then, we can only confirms all this to her later." Lady Elizabeth closes the meeting. "You might want to know, i've offered her a job. Since she was already pronounced death, she might need a new life in here." she added.


A few days later, Sherlock and John comes to the private hospital again to visit Molly and Mycroft. Before they enter the building, Sherlock suddenly stops.

"John, why don't you get inside first. There's something I need to do." Sherlock ordered. John leaves Sherlock outside the instalation park. .

"You still haven't you know." Sherlock said as he approaches James who quietly standing out in the park.

He smiles. "I thought I could catch you here." he said. "I still haven't what?"

Sherlock sits on the bench nearby. "You still haven't explain yourself to us yesterday."

"Well, I thought I might consulted to you first, before I enter more deeply. But please, by all means, do what you always do." he said.

Sherlock sighs. "You're a British, or at least raised by Briton, there's no doubt about that. But.. you have those tan, I remember I once saw those tan somewhere.

It wasn't just a holiday tan, you must have spent your childhood somewhere to gained those tone on your skin."

"And then I remember, where I saw that kind of tan before.." Sherlock looks at James straight in the eyes now. "It was Mary. She used to had those."

Sherlock stands up "And you seems younger than her, having the same career as a spy, but people in your field tends to avoid each other outside works, but you chose to get involved,

so you're not her aquintance.. you are her brother, aren't you? You are Mary's back up plan for Molly and Rosie."

James laughs. "You really are as good as she told me."

"When the last time she contacted you?"

"When that AGRA thing blew over. She feared for Rosie, I guess people change once they had family on their own." James answered.

"This is the part where you explain the rest. I'm not psychic, I don't know everything." Sherlock demanded.

James sighs. "Mary and I are not real siblings. We were.. orphan kids, stranded on a cargo ship, ready to be sold to any highest buyer. She was older, so she's kinda protected me, especially when the other kids on the ship died one by one..

Unplanned, the ships stranded in a far away continent, the crew decided to abort the mission and killed all the evidence, including us.. but, I guess fate brought us there.

The ship was stranded in Africa, before the ship crew try to killed us, the local safe us. The local led by an English man, named Alan Quatermaine."

Sherlock eyes widen. "That name is well known, especially in his time."

James cheerfull manner is gone. "I think when we met him, the hunter in him already soften. He just burried his son and in deep mourned. He can't let two british kids died under his watch..

so he adopted us, teaching us the one thing that he is good at."

Sherlock subtly nods. "No wonder you guys so good at shooting."

"After his death, Mary tried to buy her way back into queen's arm. With her specialty off course, I guess she had this dream of having a family here. I'm glad she had it." James continued.

"I'm on the other hand travel the world.. until she contacted me."

"So you're here for Rosie?" Sherlock asked.

"That.. and to see a man she died for." James looks at Sherlock intensely.

Suddenly they see John comes out the instalation and running towards them.

"Sherlock, Molly.. she's gone."

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