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Chapter 2


The bell is already rang so Rei hurry up to Reina's class. And when she turns towards Reina's class she bump into another student.

"Aaw.." Rei fall into the ground. She looks up and suddenly freeze.

"Ah, my bad.. sorry.."

The guy in front of her is those of the deliquent at her school. He reach out his arm to help her stand again.

"What's up, Fuji?" another guy comes. They must've been skipping out the last period. And why they have to be here. Rei bring herself back up without that guy help.

"Oh, if it isn't Ogami.." said the other guy.

"You know her?" ask the guy who bumped into Rei. Now Rei just realized why she fell, the guy she runs into is big, way over the high school boys average.

She only know his name because all the students have been talking about him. He is Fujiyama Ryou. Rei never realized that he is such a huge guy until she run into him now.

"Oh, she is from my class." said the other guy. "What are you doing here, Ogami. Class almost start."

Well, i can say the same to you, Rei tell herself.

"Ah yeah, she's friend with your rival." said the other guy again. Now Rei recalls his name is probably Toshi.

"Whaat? You mean that Sakuragi Hideo??" the Fujiyama guy said in very loud voice.

"Yeah, those two is from the same middle school. And so, i think you should make move now, dude. Or else that Hideo guy will snatch Reina chan away."

"Damn, is it true? That Hideo will ask out Reina chan?" Fujiyama suddenly ask Rei.

"Ah..mmm, i think.. i dont .." Rei can't think a way to answer.

"Whatever it is, you should make a move, man

Though i don't think a cute girl like that could like a thug like you.." Toshi giggle.

"Damn it, Toshi. Whose side are you on??"

"I probably have to go.." Rei said whisperly.

Now she has to quickly go to a Reina's class. The teacher probably already there.

Rei stand in front of Reina's class door. The girl in question is there chatting around with her friend. Is it nice just in a few hours she will find out that Hideo will ask her out.

And she will be living Rei's dream.

"Excuse me i'm looking for Asahi Reina." Rei ask a guy near the door.

The guy then call out Reina. She lift up her face and looking at Rei with question mark on her face. Her movement is so cute, almost like a teenage princess from a cartoon movie.

Suddenly Rei feels her stomach aching with agony, but she needs to have closure for her feelings. So she clench her teeth and try to be as calm as possible.

"Yes?" Reina ask while smiling.

"Mmm, Re.. i mean Asahi san, i just come by to deliver this message." Rei shows a neatly fold white paper.

"What is it?" Reina ask without loosing her beautifull spirit. Ah, to be this pretty and still kind to people, Rei thinks.

"Its from Hideo." Rei whisper a bit.

And what Rei see is an answer to her long question. Reina's face suddenly become red, blossoming white cheek with pink colour. So, she does has the same feeling with Hideo, Rei thinks.

It's not like it's a surprise, they both popular. She prefer if one day this day will come, she ought to be the first one to know.

It will be better this way rather than know it from some guy running around and telling that Hideo and Reina is a couple. It's not like she is in a condition to have a relationship either.

So, as cheesy as it sound, this is fate she can not avoid.

"So, it's true.." a cold voice come from Rei's back.

It's that Fujiyama guy. When did he follows her to this class.

"Ah, this is so cheeky.. Reina chan i have something to tell you too!" that big of a guy suddenly shout. Surprising both Rei and Reina. Blindsided to be exact.

"Mmm.. sorry but i need to get back to my class." Rei bows before she leaves. She stills can see Reina expression.

All the shy red face now gone, her face becomes pale when Rei left her alone with Fujiyama. But the whole class, thanks to Fujiyama's loud voice, now is in outburst, cheering for them.

He isn't going to confess now isn't he? Just because he knew Hideo will also confess to? What a child, thinks Rei.

When she arrives at her class, Hideo looks at her with full of hope. Rei answer with a thumbs up and a smile, she proceed to sit on her chair.

Just right in time for the teacher to start the class.

Slowly Rei gaze outside the class window, to the football field. So this afternoon, and this summer, Hideo and Reina will become a couple. And so it begin, her life without Hideo in it.

Rei open her eyes on the first day of summer vacation. She looks at her alarm and it hasn't on yet. Your mind wakes you up faster than your alarm, school got nothing to do with it.

"Reeii, i'm hungry. I want to pee." a sleepy little boy comes to Rei's room without knocking. He comes storming while rubbing his eyes, and hop on to Rei's bed.

"Tetsu, how many times have i told you. You're a big boy now. You can go to the bathroom by yourself."

"Butt, Tooru won't let me in. So i'm hungry." Rei's little brother still sulking. The boy called Tooru is his twin brother and their morning dynamic is always like this.

"Come on Tetsu, i'll help you go to the bathroom. Morning Rei, what's for breakfast?"

A bigger boy comes to Rei's room. He is Takeshi, the big brother of the twins.

He is only 10 year old but, Rei can't imagine how she could manage to care for Tetsu and Tooru without Takeshi's help.

"I'll go make some sandwich okay. Or do you guys want some rice with egg?"

"Noo, sandwich.. sandwich.." scream Tetsu.

"Sshh, you will wake mom up." said Takeshi.

"It's okay she's not home today.." said Rei.

"Mom's not home?" ask Takeshi.

"She text me before. She has some business to do so she'll come back a day or two."

"Are you going to your new job then?"

"I'm not sure, Take. It starts really late. I can't let you guys alone."

"Will be sleeping by then. You said you need the money. Come on Tetsu."

Rei stands and go to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast.

"I want miso soup." Tooru appears.

"It's your brother's turn to pick the breakfast okay. Beside we're missing some ingredients."

"Okay, but I want egg sandwich. Not strawberry." now Tooru's turn to sulk.

Having the younger child to constantly demanding and sulking is no surprise. But having it times two really draining someone's energy.

If she have to do this alone while juggling a part time job, she might needs to quit school.

"Yeay, sandwich!" Tetsu and Takeshi come to kitchen table.

Rei's family household consists of 2 adults and 4 kids. Even though the house isn't that small, but the noisiness can make it a lot more crowded.

"Didn't you tell mom you are going to start work today?" ask Takeshi.

"I line her. But she didn't answer.." Rei answer while putting sandwich on Tetsu and Tooru's plate. "Maybe I should cancel.." Rei mumble.

"You said you need the money.."

"I do, but I can't leave you, Tetsu and Tooru alone. And i don't have the money to hire a baby sitter yet."

For a while there is only Tetsu and Tooru's voice scramble over an egg sandwich.

"It will be alright Rei.." Takeshi talk again quietly. "Lets take the twins to the park this afternoon, they'll get tired and they will sleep fast."

"But.. if something happen.." Rei can't continue her sentence.

"It's okay. I can watch over them as long as they are asleep."

"What if the house is on fire.."


"What if the water leaks and drown the house.

"Geez, just get to that job already so you can treat us some ice cream!" Takeshi stands up and leaves the table.

Rei sits down quietly while watching Tooru reigns over an egg sandwich and Tetsu cry and screams asking for another one.

Really, this is something that can go wrong in many level.

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