ceaseless ticking
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snowmiin writing blog: h0pefulskies.tumblr.com
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Something’s wrong with my clock, And it just won’t stop.

ceaseless ticking

Something’s wrong with my clock,

And it just won’t stop.

It won’t stop… It won’t stop.

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop…Stop.

When I get there,

To where I must be,

It’s too late.

They slip so quick from my hands

Because they’re already ghosts by then

…Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

The dials — they won’t turn,

Too stubborn to listen to the forces of my hands.

My fingers just keep slipping,

Unwilling to hear what I say.

It won’t stop.It won’t stop.

There’s disruption

From my brain, to my body, to the clock.

Static that ceases sensation

Sounds so much like screams.


Running. Running.

Chasing those hands that keeps running.

And I stop. Stop. Stop.

Trying to catch my breath,

But at the loss of the hand that ticks ticks away.

Each step marches into the static —


Stop. Stop.

Run. Run.

The lesson — I won’t learn.

Just keeps tick ticking on.

I scream.

I claw my way through the black and white haze.

Stop. Stop.


But instead.

I’m in static.

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