Empty canvas
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sneharc I flirt with words ;)
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Love is a tender kiss for most people, but Lady Luck saves its sharpest axes for me ;)

Empty canvas

I feel white tonight My canvas empty in this dark night No colours; nothing left to paint What life? My pain ate it all away.

The sun wasn’t yellow today, The light wasn’t bright enough The sunflowers didn’t open their arms Even the wind didn’t have its dance

The nature mourned with me As I cried, the sky wept my tears. As I clawed at my heart; The Earth tore itself apart.

The loneliness walked with me You were not here, and I’m sorry I was the one who pushed you away, But I can bleed the whole night Than hurting you in any way.

I feel grey tonight Without you there’s no black and white For once, I allowed the world to colour me But it snatched all my colours I had shielded my whole life.

I’m grey tonight For you left my side.

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