Zamarachi Episode 4
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~The Abandoner~ Sasuke cursed and threw Naruto’s note away- how did he know?

Zamarachi Episode 4

~The Abandoner~

Sasuke cursed and threw Naruto’s note away- how did he know?

Dear Sasuke,

Zamar says that I can’t change anything but I want to say something. Don’t abandon the village.

But if you do I want you to know- I see you as an idol and if I could wish something of you- it would be to stay here.

Sincerely, Uzumaki, Naruto

He stepped into the cold night air- he was not going back no matter who told him what- Even Naruto. He started to walk away- but then he picked up the note- [maybe I’ll keep this.]


“Hey Sasuke- did you read my- note.” His chest fell. Sasuke had vanished. “Why did he have to do this to me!” He next searched for Zamarachi. Another note- I’ll be gone for a few years.

“Did you abandon the village too!!!”---------------------------------------------------------------------

A girl stood near Kakashi- she had deep raven black hair and ice blue eyes. She winked at Naruto. “We will have to send a search party after Sasuke according to Naruto.” Shikamaru yawned.

“And of course it includes me, Kiba, Naruto, Choji, and Neji- once again according to Naruto.” “And of course he thinks up a detailed plan that I swore was written yesterday.

” Shikamaru was clearly catching on to what had happened, but Kakashi interrupted- “We have a new student who also will be joining the mission; she is a skilled chunin.

”- Naruto swore she looked familiar- really familiar. “How do we even know she will get along with the team?” Asked Neji. “I have my reasons,” replied Kakashi.

Neji started to protest but Kakashi cut him off. “This is so unlike him,” muttered Shikamaru.

They took off- feet skimming the trees, and eventually caught up to the four people. “I’ll fight them-” Zamarachi got attacked by Jiroba first.

Wham! Her fist slammed into his body- he had a curse mark activated but he still went flying- “Chakra infestation!” His curse mark shrunk back and a second slam knocked him unconscious.

Sakon/Ukon attacked with limbs popping out random parts of their body. “Fire Style: Dragon Style- Green Fire!” He fell down as fast as he had got up.

Next Tayuya began playing her flute- “Ice Style- Freeze!” She next stopped- suspended in mid play. Kidomaru sent webbing after Naruto next- “Incineration!” Kidomaru fell next.

[She’s so powerful! She took down all four of them!]


Neji looked suspiciously at the new girl- she was way more powerful than he had thought- [did Kakashi send someone who was a jonin? This girl is way out of our league.


] [That looks familiar- but yet the chakra looks different- but there’s two

different chakras coating something!]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sasuke felt something.

[What? This feels like someone’s keeping me still…] “Hey Sasuke!” [Wait that sounds like Naruto- but what would he be doing here?

I didn’t think he was following me…] He had an audience- a deflated Naruto, a confused Shikamaru, Neji, Kiba looking hurt, Choji- not paying attention as usual,

A surprisingly normal looking Kakashi, and… some girl. “Come back- Sasuke.”---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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