Warrior of Warriors: Voting Process
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“You’re not the leader!” Demanded Tann. “We are choosing a leader by majority vote!” “Oh yeah? I am one of the people with enough experience! John has lost his only redeeming quality as a leader! Will is immature! You already know everybody elses’ faults!” Everybody ignored me.

Warrior of Warriors: Voting Process

“You’re not the leader!” Demanded Tann. “We are choosing a leader by majority vote!”

“Oh yeah? I am one of the people with enough experience! John has lost his only redeeming quality as a leader! Will is immature! You already know everybody elses’ faults!” Everybody ignored me.

They worked on selecting a leader. I glowered. Tann handed out ‘rules’ for voting.

/You may select two people to upvote (one by two one by one vote,) and two people to downvote following the same rules.

No upvoting yourself- however there is no rule against downvoting yourself however much you want. You will remain ‘anonymous’ in this decision.

You have to put some reasons why you’re upvoting or downvoting someone- so you can’t do it out of plain spite and/or favoring someone else.

You may skip voting, but you may not add the votes or subtract the votes from someone twice./ I glowered at the rules.

{I upvote Lane twice. He knows how to use everyone else’s powers, and therefore would make a good fighter.

I upvote Sheia because everyone else has problems, and if we are doing leader and co-leader we can not have Lane and Dollie together. We already know who (they’re) favoring.

I downvote John because he doesn’t have a clear head. I downvote Kieran because she is judgemental when making decisions.} Hopefully that was efficient.

Wasn’t that a good lie of why to upvote my sister? Tann finally turned around. “I will be reading the notes right now.

Currently the first person upvotes Lane by two, Sheia by one, and downvotes John twice, and Kieran once.” He announced. People grumbled at this. “Okay. Next note.

‘I upvote Meridan twice, since I trust him with my life.’” Everybody already knew who this was. “‘I upvote Kieran once, since I also trust her. Even if she kind of gets annoying sometimes.

I downvote Will because he is a hothead- and then Cade by two for the same reason.’” It was clear everyone thought this information source was untrustworthy.

However Tann had instructed them to not protest. “‘Upvote Kieran two. I trust my friend. Since there is zero point in hiding this- upvote Will by one because he is my other friend.

Downvote Meridan two because he is a cockroach! Downvote John one, to help Will.’” Another obvious one. “‘Upvote Dollie by two. Upvote Lane by one.

We’ll have two leaders who actually get along- that is efficient enough. Downvote Cade by one. She is not fit for leading. Downvote Meridan by two.

He is not stable enough to not go killing off random strangers.’” That was… not obvious. “‘I upvote Dollie by one- but since it is not fair since I just like her, I upvote Tann by two.

He would make a great leader. I need to downvote Will by one. I do not believe Cade is very trustworthy when carrying out battle commands, so sorry Cade, I need to downvote you by two.” Obvious.


“How come this happens to me?! How is it fair that I am negative five?!” Protested Cade. Nobody gave her any sympathy.

“Excuse me? We agreed upon this system!” Tann demanded her attention again. “So this is the next one.

‘I believe I shouldn’t be biased towards anyone, seeing that obviously my friend will upvote me, I will a vote to John, who knows the most information, and two to Tann,

who is a great leader already. I will downvote Lane- sorry friend! You don’t nearly have enough experience! By two.

I do not believe in having an inexperienced leader, so I downvote Meridan by one. I do not believe I make a good leader, so I negate any votes going to myself (Dollie.

)’” Huh?! Everyone’s mouths were gaping open.

“Why did we even vote for you then?!” Everybody roared. Apologetic shrug from her.

“There is more. ‘I give my votes, if possible, to Cade who deserves a chance, and probably isn’t getting any.’” Cade looked happy. Some people didn’t. “Next note: ‘I downvote my dad by two.

If he was competent he wouldn’t have let my mother die, himself become crazy, and me become a monster too. I believe that is far enough reasoning.

I downvote Dollie, who will probably get all the votes.’ Which therefore means it gets subtracted from Cade.” Tann noted. “‘I upvote Meridan, which I somewhat respect for power alone by one.

I upvote his sister by two, which I believe has a clearer head, and must have strong abilities as well.’” Everyone gaped their mouths again. “Next votes: ‘I upvote Sheia by one.

We need some young blood in this- seeing how I am a geezer- according to some people- and I upvote my son by two, who believes he should have been a leader- which he probably does deserve.

If he accused me of anything, most likely it is true. If I am above zero, make my vote go back to zero- if not- I kid of know why. I downvote Kieran by one for being judgemental.

I cancel my other downvote. Everyone deserves a chance.

If it is possible, please change it to an upvote of two to Cade, for her motivation for finding me to stop a problem that should have been stopped ages ago.’” Everyone was surprised.

“Is it just me or is everyone making weird exceptions?” Asked Cade. Nobody responded. “Oh come on! You can at least act like you care about what I say!”

He continued. “I upvote Meridan by one for trying to change his actions. I will do the same favor for Cade. By two. I’m probably breaking my own rules.

I will upvote Dollie, seeing her qualities as a strong leader, by one. I upvote Kieran by one. Since we need one foot in both worlds, plus one for Sheia. We judge the wrongdoers- too easily.

We compliment obvious heroes too much. We assume that we’re right, but the elder and more experienced know more- maybe not. I count any accommodations on the votes.” Tann announced.

“Well congrats dad, for your support, but you still are a geezer and still at negative four!” Sneered Will half-heartedly. Everybody was shocked.

Suddenly Tann got passed a huge box of notes from who knows where. He held them up so everyone could read.

1) /Yes! I’m Leader, I’m Leader! Hear that Big Brother?!?!/ 2) /Huh? Why are you guys being nice to me? How am I third?!/ 3) /Congrats Cade!/ 4) /Why Dollie?!?

! :( Why do you vote both of us down?!/ 5) /Hope you enjoy your place Cade./ 6) /You’re weird, Dad./ 7) /Hopefully you’re high enough on that list, Son.

/ 8) /Meridan was supposed to give feedback and so were you!!!/ I was annoyed.

“No I wasn’t!!!” I roared at the nearest person who happened to be John. The man stumbled the opposite way.

“Why do you think it was me?!?!” I shrugged.

“Because you were there.” I muttered. He looked annoyed.

“But I just voted you! Why would I say that?”

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