Warrior of Warriors: The Last Stop
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“Can I see that?” I requested. “No!” He yelled explosively jerking it away from me. I was shocked; he usually showed things to me immediately. I grabbed at it. We tugged at it and it went flying down a crack.

Warrior of Warriors: The Last Stop

“Can I see that?” I requested.

“No!” He yelled explosively jerking it away from me. I was shocked; he usually showed things to me immediately. I grabbed at it. We tugged at it and it went flying down a crack.

“Now look at what you’ve done.” He growled this softly. As soon as he finished a metallic bracelet came flying back up the crack and slapped him on the wrist. “Ow! What the he-” I snatched it.

“Do you… have a girlfriend?”

“No way Sheia! This is from someone… else.” He gritted his teeth. “You won’t understand.” He gripped it tightly. To my surprise it didn't break. I squinted closely.

The area with the comet was cracked, but the areas with the planet and the sun were strong. The moon looked fragile.

“Try me.”

“A gift. Fine. From Fluke. It doesn’t break until all four people give up- including myself. It’s expensive enchanted metal.

And apparently it comes soaring back to my wrist, but since my fist was closed it wound up hitting me instead. It means though… that he still has some consciousness enough to leave behind clues.

And really- I thought this would be more cracked. How does he have this much to hold onto?”

“Who exactly is that though? I mean- Big brother- no one has ever… become your friend before… I mean… except you know.”

“Stop! That’s a painful subject! In a nutshell- he’s a tryhard, an airhead, a blockhead, and generally somebody too stupid to know what’s good for them!

He tries things that anyone else would say are totally impossible- and does them.

He is happy for no reason- you can’t get him to understand you want him to die an excruciating death- or the word stop.

He thinks we’re friends- I think I nearly killed him five times, stabbed him, humiliated him, told him to go off and die twice but he comes back no matter what.”

“You said he was a Finn…?”

“Yes.” That was surprising to me.

Weren’t the Finns supposed to be bad people? Kinda like Mother and Father? Didn't Mother and Father hate them?

The Finns killed our Older Brother Gyren and took a part in bringing down the Black Moon Gang?

“Why’s he so stubborn?”

“I told you that he was a total idiot. You didn't believe me? I must have called him that four times already!” I looked at the markings. To me… it looked like it was made by sane person.

But could an infected person still be sane? Incredible.

~Dollie Show~

The trek was taking forever: we had reached the dark moon solstice by the time we finally got to the shore. Frosty winds were blowing; even in the desert.

I was still worried about Cade, but thankfully she hadn’t used that crystal again yet.

I had caught her however trying to take the crystal and leave the camp this morning, when we had finally reached the town. “What are you doing?!” I hissed.

“Well sorry! I’m supposed to see John Russock; a prisoner. And I need someway to get in! He is literally the only one who can help us with this quest. He knows the most about the monsters!”

“You never told us.”

“True. But it was for your safety.”

“Okay. Think of it this way. Friends make it far. A single person will fall over eventually without support! Tell us if something is going to happen!”

“Yeah- that is if your friends don’t die on your account ‘cause you did something stupid!”

“I’m sure it wasn’t your fault!”

“If I hadn’t tried to wake her up, she wouldn’t be dead. They were targeting me and no one else. It was because I attacked the leader.”

“You never told us about that! Otherwise we would have different thoughts about the monsters.”

“What do you mean?”

“That means that they have not only the brains to recognise the real threat, but a mind to distinguish to think who’s the enemy.

They have the heart to save their comrades, and they had the thought to leave us this stuff. They were here for food, but they were considering us.”

“Never thought about it that way. But still. Whatever… let’s just go.” I sighed. There was no point in pushing it with Cade.

If she was fixated on an idea you couldn’t ever ever change her mind. “Hey! Local guy! Do you know anyone named Mr. Russock?”

The guy ran away. The town was eerily silent. Seriously Cade? We probably got all the locals to hate us at first sight. I turned invisible. It was time to do some undercover work.

Tann got the hint and cloaked himself. Lane copied my ability. Cade sighed. “Yellow eyed scum!” Yelled a voice. It was obviously the guy shouting. Cade stiffened.

“Yeah… maybe I should have told them…” She muttered.



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