Warrior of Warriors: Second Trial Part 5 You... Pass!
Warrior of Warriors: Second Trial Part 5 You... Pass! cade stories

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“Ten seconds! Nine, eight, seven, six,” the robot hit the ball. “Five four three two,” Flute fumbled. “One-” Flute caught it by a millisecond to spare. “You win! Eighty to forty five!” Cade thought it was good idea to cheer our ‘captain.’ Pth. Such stupidity. Even if we relied on Flute to win, he was only useful because he knew about the sport.

Warrior of Warriors: Second Trial Part 5 You... Pass!

“Ten seconds! Nine, eight, seven, six,” the robot hit the ball. “Five four three two,” Flute fumbled. “One-” Flute caught it by a millisecond to spare.

“You win! Eighty to forty five!” Cade thought it was good idea to cheer our ‘captain.’ Pth. Such stupidity. Even if we relied on Flute to win, he was only useful because he knew about the sport.

Although I was secretly relieved we hadn’t lost. Now just three more floors. The next floor was titled; ‘Clear Floor.’ I really doubted it.

They were probably trying to trick us into not paying attention. Who did they think would fall for that after we got this far?

“Yippee! Free floor? Let’s train!” Okay.

Observations in my official mental journal of being stuck with weirdos; one: Flute is totally careless doesn’t notice a thing and is generally optimistic about everything.

Two: Cade generally is bad at everything including her dream profession, and is completely clumsy. Three: Kieran is the only normal person at this entire test. Groan.

I threw my yoyo out onto the carpet in front of Flute. It didn’t appear to be trapped. In fact there didn’t seem to be anyone even on this floor.

Hopefully we were first and in luck, but that was doubtful. Flute suddenly stopped walking. “Can we stop for a second? My shoe is untied.”

“Seriously?” Asked Kieran. “We come all this way, and you have to tie your shoe? Whatever. We might as well just wait.” She sat down. Cade also sat down.

“Thank goodness he has to tie his shoe. I’m pooped. I would have collapsed if he had any more energy.” Groaned Cade exhausted. I stayed standing up in case of other people hiding.

Flute took out his staff and used it to prop himself up while tying his shoe. He said something that I didn’t hear to me, and then tried to listen as if expecting a response. I was mystified.

“I d-” He suddenly stomped away. Did he think I said something else? Did he think that I actually heard him so I was saying something rude?

“What’s wrong with you Meridan?! What do you mean by that?!?!” He yelled furiously. He lunged at me at me. Seriously? He was more of an idiot than I thought.

I dodged and threw a knife back in his direction. If he was going to fight, fine. When he moved away, I saw blood on the floor. Did I hit him? I saw a knife floating in the air mysteriously.

I heard loud yelling behind me, and soon noticed that Flute was on top of something… “Alright Meridan! You got him!”

“For your info- I’m a her.” A person materialized where the knife had been and a second person underneath Flute. “I have the invisibility ability, and he has the copy ability.

I’m Dollie, and this is Lane.”

“Why are you telling them?”

“Because they would ask later, and we’re already in trouble. How’d you know we were here?” I didn’t know, so I shrugged my shoulders.

“Well. First of all, you were too loud, Lane already was bleeding from something previously, so I smelled it. Your presence is too loud also.

Lane was giving off an aura of being in fear, and you had bloodlust.”

“What- what do you mean? You can’t possibly smell this!?” Lane showed a cut. It had barely nicked the skin and was underneath his clothing above his shoulder.

“And- we were being quiet.” Said Dollie. “Plus I’m aura type, so I should know how to conceal bloodlust by now. There wasn’t even that much bloodlust.

” I personally wouldn’t know; but if Flute can smell a non-smellable flower, he can smell a tiny cut. His hearing was impeccable too.

When we were fighting that monster in the dark, he knew exactly where it was, when I could hardly tell it was there.

If that girl said she was good on control, she probably was, meaning that Flute has fine control too. He was better at sensing than I thought. So that’s why he attacked me.

It would seem suspicious if he had said something, and he was hoping to catch them. He had located them and attacked me from that side, an argument as an excuse.

The enemy not knowing that he was attacking them, stayed behind me in hopes they could hit me while I was down.

Since I had moved to attack Flute but I had been too slow, Dollie had gotten hit by the stray knife.

“Contestants, Dollie Show and Lane Gibbon are eliminated for foul play during the ‘non attack’ floor.” Dollie sighed and just sat down already being caught.

Flute had been amazingly better than I had thought. I didn’t want to admit it, but I was both amazed, and astounded by his ability and now knew that my progress in training was nowhere close.

After resting for twelve hours, we finally exited the free floor, and onto the second to last floor. ~Flute~

Yes! I had done something and I had caught Meridan smiling. I knew it was almost impossible for him to smile at anyone.

And now we were on the second floor with eight hours and two days to go! The next floor had a trophy in the middle of it.

Was it the first floor? I was confused, did I count wrong and we passed? As I walked toward it suddenly I heard grinding noises and an obstacle course shot up.

Pillars, lasers, monkey bars?, and a wall. It looked pretty simple… but knowing Cade… “I want to go first!” I blurted excitedly.

“Sure.” Meridan yawned. “But Cade goes last. And Kieran second to last…”

“Hey! That’s rude!” Complained Cade.

“I agree.” muttered Kieran under her breath.

“Hey Meridan- I’ll race you!”

“No way you’re going to win punk!”

“I bet I can do this with my eyes closed!”

“I bet I could do this in my sleep!”

“Boys, boys, boys.” Groaned Kieran. We both raced for the course despite the fact that I said I had been going first. The obstacle course was easy.

“I win!” We both declared at the same time. “Hey who won?”

“Who knows or cares anymore?” Said Kieran exhausted.

“Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Again- Rock paper scissors shoot!”

“I win and you lose Flute!”

“Nuh-uh, best out of three?”

“No way! You owe us dinner!” Kieran shakes her head.

“It’s my turn then.” At the last obstacle she had trouble, but on the second attempt she made it over.

“Do you realize that we have a timer for one minute for each of us?” Probed Kieran irritatedly. “I got forty nine seconds, even if you both got thirty two seconds.

Meaning that Cade has to pass one minute.”

“You know you’re making me panic, right?! Gah! I can’t do this! But I won’t lose either.

Incoming!” She threw herself at the course, she passed easily on the pillars because of her short stature, but narrowly missed the lasers.

She had a hard time getting up the monkey bars and painstakingly seconds were ticking. Then came the wall. The dreaded wall. She ran up it three times and failed each and every single time.

On the fourth try she finally made it.

“That was fifty eight seconds.” Said Meridan boredly. “Next time try not to let us fail…”

“What did you say?! If Flute wasn’t your friend I would have booted you off the face of the planet by now.” The next set of doors opened and the obstacle course shrunk into the floor.

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