Warrior of Warriors: Profiles Part 2
Warrior of Warriors: Profiles Part 2 cade stories

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Profiles. And some power descriptions

Warrior of Warriors: Profiles Part 2

Sonia Diamonde

Class: unknown

Subtype: unknown

Birth: January 1st 2017

Age: 12

Family: Dead unknown

IQ 99

Gender female

blood type O

Relations >flute

Background: Friend died, and family from wolfewings


Washi White

Class: Au

Subtype: Purple

Birth: May 2nd 2018

Age: 11

Family: ? ?

IQ: 100

Gender: male

Blood type: B

Relations: >Meridan, <Flute, <Cade, <Kieran

Background: Someone training in the concept of Machaau arts. He studies under Tann Bird, and can be a bit childish at times having had no difficulty growing up.


Tann Bird

Type: Au

Subtype: Blue

Birth: July 4th, 2014

Age: 15

Family: ? ?

IQ: 118

Gender: male

Blood type: AB

Relations: -Meridan, <flute, <cade, <kieran

Background: He is mainly a tutor for Washi in the practice of Machaau. He acts kind of like a father, result of his relationships with Washi


Sheia Zylar

Class Chakra

Birth: February 3rd, 2021

Age: 8

Family: Fawkes Zylar (older), Meridan Zylar (older), Gyren Zylar (older), Nessie Zylar (mom), Winson Zylar (dad)

IQ: 99

Gender: Female

Blood Type: O

Relations: <Meridan, <Flute, >Cade, <Kieran

Background: Part of an assassination, Sheia had a tough upbringing. This didn't stop her from a free spirit.

Her ambition as she puts it is to become a renowned singer- supposedly following her brother Meridan's footsteps.

Her older brother Gyren is deceased- but it seems like the family doesn't care for casualties.


Dollie Show

Class: Magic

Subclass: Manipulator

Birth: June 5th, 2016

Age 13

Family: ?

IQ: 107

Gender: Female

Blood Type: B

Relations: >Meridan, -Flute, -Kieran, <Cade

Background: Is girlfriend-boyfriend/ friends with Lane Gibbon. Has the ability of invisibility by lots of training of control. Very easygoing and good at working with teams.


Will Russock

Class: 99 Soul

Subclass: Ability Use

Birth July 8th, 1973

Age: 56

Family: John Russock, ?

IQ: 106

Blood Type: (M)AB

Gender: Male/Monster

Relations: >Flute, >Kieran, >Meridan, >Cade >John


Background: having his mother die at the age of six traumatized him for life. She died on the quest to explore. She loved exploring- he did. now he hates it.

He doesn't want anything to do with his father or his discoveries. He doesn't like fighting but will fight against anyone who argues against him



Washi: Purple Au

Dalt: Focuser

Gene: Focuser

Han: Orange Au

Donovan: Manipulator

Huan: Manipulator

Lane: copy focuser

Bee: chakra

Owen: chakra

Dollie: Manipulator(invisibility)

Gillian: chakra

Alfred: Chakra

Tann: blue au

Vaclav: chakra

Takisan: orange au

Nick: Summoner

Archie: chakra

Jonathan: chakra

Christopher: red au

Tom: Chakra

Felix Chakra

Jobi: Chakra

Castro: Chakra

Cade: Summoner

Rosabelle: Chakra- reflex

Odell: Manipulator- voice

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