Warrior of Warriors: Profiles Part 1
Warrior of Warriors: Profiles Part 1 akosh stories
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Profiles of all the tagged people, from warrior of warriors.

Warrior of Warriors: Profiles Part 1

Flute Finn

Class: AU

Type: Red

Birth: March 21, 2018

Age: 11

Family: Carico, and Gosring

IQ: 96

Gender: male

Blood Type: B

Relations: <3 meridan



Background:Father disappeared before his birth


High EQ

Meridan Zylar

Class: Chakra

Birth: January 4th 2018

Age: 11

Family: Nessie, Winson, Gyren, Fawkes, Sheia

IQ: 121

gender: male

blood type: O

relations: >Flute =Kieran =Cade

Background: gang member from birth


Takisan Chester

Class: Aura

Type: orange

Birth: June 11, 2015

Age 14

Family: Unknown

IQ 106

gender: male

blood type O

Relations: >everyone

Background: failed first year three times


Kieran Elise

Class: Chakra

Age: 11

Birthdate: July 21st 2018

Family: Madison, Aiden

IQ: 108

gender female

blood type: AB

relations: >Flute >>Meridan =Cade


Cade Towers

Class: Magic

Type: Summoner

Birthdate: February 3rd 2018


family: Hin, Los

gender female

Blood type: A

relations: <Flute >meridan <Kieran

father died a couple months before her birth due to heart disease

her mother became bankrupt after his death

she wants to pursue the career of a doctor.


Bliss Burn

Class: Aura

Sub class: purple

Birth: November 18, 2001

Age: 24

Family: ? deceased

IQ: 97

Gender: female

Blood type: B

Relations: >>Quinn, >Gosring, ?

Background: A fierce fighter, she took down one of the members of the black moon gang. Her parents being dead, couldn't help her with anything. This had turned her bitter and violent.

Zero was her trusted partner in battle and friend. (the dragon). She keeps a fierce rivalry and dislike, as well as disagreement and despising him to be her partner.


Quinn Desstar

Class: Chakra

Birth: October 12, 2008

Age: 21

Family: Unknown

IQ: 100

Gender: Male

Blood Type: A

Relations: >>Bliss, >Gosring ?everyone else

Background: unknown


Gyren Zylar

Class: Chakra

Birth: August 24, 2014

Age: 15

Family: Nessie, Winson, Fawkes, Sheia, Meridan

IQ: 115

Gender: male

Blood type: AB

Relations: <3Meridan, -Cade, -Kieran, >Flute

Background: Grew up in a family where a mistake meant your death, where friends meant weakness. Over-protective of his younger brother Meridan, and loyal, strictly following orders.


Mudzura ?

Class: Unknown

Subclass: Unknown

Birth: December 1, 1964

Age: 65

Family: None. Father killed by his own hands. Mother died in birthing

IQ: 200+

Gender: Male (Monster?)

Blood Type: M(onster)

Relations: --with everyone

Background: The species of monsters is called vivit homicida nonaginta or ninety lives killer. They kill their father to prove their worth of succession.

Their mother automatically dies during birth. Sent far from home to conquer and mutate. Often instead called the novis recta accommodatio obtineri or strange adaptation.

It is born with abilities to reform, and heals wounds almost instantly. You would have to smash it to smithereens and hide them in different contained areas for it to not reform.

In other words it's almost immortal. It would move up to six days after decapitation. It has abilities to adapt, and mutate.

Gosring Finn

Class: Magic

Subclass: Conjurer

Birth: May 1st, 1997

Age: 32

Family: Carico, Flute

IQ: 121

Gender: Male

Blood Type: A

Relations: -Kieran, ?Cade, <Flute, >Meridan, >Bliss, >Quinn, >Gyren, >Mudzura

background: belongs to an organization that was investigating the alien beings coming from the Unknown and Beyond.

Given a mission to defeat Mudzura, and to investigate all clues leading up to his appearance in Aurasol. He avoids his family so the gang doesn't find out his connections and go after them.


Majica Scarlet

Class: Magic

Subclass: Focuser

Birth: August 19, 2015

Age: 14

Family: Unknown and deceased

IQ: 142

Gender: Female

Blood Type: AB

Relations: ?

Background: A young orphan. Born with high intelligence she uses it to tear others out. She also has a high EQ of 135 which she uses to find out people's emotional strengths.

She enjoys watching people fall. She'd be perfectly happy to take down a member of her gang to assure her strength.


Jack Wild

Class: Chakra

Birth: November 20, 1996

Age: 33

Family: Unknown

IQ: 107

Gender: Male

Blood type: AB

Relations: <Gosring. <Flute. --Cade, --Kieran >Meridan >>>Mudzura >>Black Moon Gang --everyone else

Backgrounds: A training partner with Gosring, friend, and fellow agent in Althininaz an organization investigating the issues occurring outside the border


Akosh Hiden

Class: Thoughts?

Subclass: commitment?

Birth: September 1, 2018

Age: 11

Family: none

IQ: 116

Gender: male

Blood Type: O

Relations: Ink: hard hard working and devoted. He has rebelled several times however, restrained by the mysterious dragon tattoo branded into his neck.

Flute: He doesn't really get Flute, and thinks he is impractical. He thinks Flute has a good mindset however, since Flute tries to support him, despite their capture.

Cade: He dislikes Cade, and thinks she is weak. She has no worth to him, other than what Flute had said about her

Kieran: He dislikes her, and thinks that he could never share a secret with her.

Background: Originally an experiment of the residents of ink, he is used as a military weapon.

Concerned about his mindset, that alarmingly turns to rebellious, they placed a dragon tattoo on his neck, that causes him immense pain and restrains him every time he commits a selfless act.

The city of Ink has a different system that doesn't concern Machaau, but uses it to power weapons.

Low EQ


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