Warrior of Warriors: Happy Late Birthday! Or not...
Warrior of Warriors: Happy Late Birthday! Or not... cade stories

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Flute, Cade and Kieran, have finally bonded with Akosh. In what seems to be a relaxed day, still; a lot of things can happen...

Warrior of Warriors: Happy Late Birthday! Or not...

~Flute Finn~

We had finally reached the City of Glass by nightfall. I had been staying awake despite my condition to try to take care of Akosh, even with the cold shoulder he was giving us.

His eyes seemed to be lifeless like a doll’s and I wondered why. Although I knew one thing, I was going to help him, since he had saved me.

Even without a right state of mind I cared for him somewhat. Above all else, he reminded me of when I had first tried to make friends with Meridan.

Cold somewhat, at the beginning; but a true friend when you least expected it. I had a belief, that everyone, and everything had once started as good, no matter how tainted they might seem.

So I had kept on trying to get Meridan on my side at that time. They sometimes say, losing battles sometimes will win you a war.

I kind of tried to believe that, even if I did think I was wrong occasionally. |Flute? Are you there? ‘Meridan’ wants to see you.| The sudden thought jolted into my head.

So Meridan was back! |When in the world, are you peabrain?

! I’ve been searching all day and night to try to find where you went, and then I find you went and ran off into the Outcasts!| |Oops… forgot to tell anyone… can I have some help here though?

| |You- are such a moron. Fine… whatever…| A warm feeling spread. He was going to come! Although I forgot to tell him about Akosh… “Hey, Ak-Sir Hiden?”


“When is your birthday?”

“What do you mean?”

“People back in Aurasol celebrate someone’s birthday with a party.”

“Even though we don’t do birthdays, annoyance; it’s Dark Half Moon star one.”

“What’s the dragon?”

“There’s no dragon!” He went back on defense. I sighed. Maybe I should try tomorrow.

~Akosh Hiden~

Where am I? Who are these people? I flinched in pain. The stupid dragon again. I had saved somebody and the dragon restrained me again. Seven seals. That’s how many I had on me this time.

The green haired one… was it Clarinet? Whistle? No… Flute… Kieran… Cadence? Just Cade. My memory swam back to the top. Now I remembered why I had been in the desert with no supplies.

I had ran away. I had rebelled once, and got as far as a good four hundred miles away, before the dragon had taken back over. It had been placed by the Elites of Ink. They needed to be dead.

Or this stupid tattoo would never disappear, and I would forever be a mindless robot. Flute was a hero to his friends, maybe an idol. Cade was hot headed, but she was still a good person.

I didn't know Kieran very much either, but I was indebted to all of them in general. I still found some things trivial though. Like birthday celebrations.

I had been an experiment in a lab, so I wouldn’t know a whole lot about any of the world’s customs, but… the people were way better than those in Ink.

No matter what, I couldn’t go back to that wretched place. “The City of Glass is beautiful isn’t it?” Flute interrupted my thoughts. “Let’s explore!”

“Let’s not.” Muttered Cade, blowing a strand of hair off her face. “I’m pooped from yesterday.”

“But we need to have a joint birthday!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Kieran asked suspiciously.

“Ahhh! Come on Kieran! You already know that we practically forgot to celebrate everyone's’ birthdays!”

“Let’s do it then.” I said surprisingly confidently. Cade blinked at me in surprise. Kieran eyes widened too. Flute seemed stunned for a while and then grinned.

“Yeah! Three to one!”

“What do you mean three to one!?” Retaliated Cade. “I never said yes!”

“But I know you want to!” Cade sighed.

“Fine. I give up.”

“Cool! We kind of need sixty candles though…”

“Candles? For who? Why would we need candles?” I questioned quizzically.

“Twelve for you, twelve for me, twelve for Cade, twelve for Kieran, and last but not least, twelve for Meridan!”

“Wh- Oh… that’s the friend you compared me to… But he isn’t here, right?” I replied remembering who Meridan was at the last second.

“You bet he’ll be! I contacted him last night!” All three mouths; including mine; gaped open.

“Wait… what?! What if I don’t want to see the other nutcase?! You never told us!”

“‘Cause… dunno. I fell asleep.”

“Not a good reason!” She proceeded to muss up his hair, despite the fact that she was four three and he was four eleven. “I always wanted to do that…” She muttered. Kieran rolled her eyes.

I guessed she was used to seeing this happen. We started a walk through the streets. Flute was right. It was kind of pretty.

The gas lit oil lamps cast long shadows upon the pavement and reflected rainbowy colors across a dome surrounding the entirety of the city.

Flute ran up to a restaurant, insisting that we all eat there.

“Table for four please! Table for- why is nobody responding? Hello?!”

“Maybe because you woke us all up at seven in the morning, when I’m sure normal people wake up at nine.” Replied Cade.

“Actually, that’s a perfectly normal time.” Responded Kieran. “But it could be, because Flute was talking to a statue.”

“Really?” He looked embarrassed. “I was?” She pointed, and then I clearly saw. There was a statue mounted up near the entrance. I recognized it as King Arrondis.

There were about four Kings of the realm, but rarely any queens. I remembered from the utterly boring history lessons, that there were one or two.

The four kings consisted of Arrondis, or ruler of the West provinces. He was a pain in the ass ruler, and certainly the one I most remembered as the creator of me. I utterly despised him.

Then there was Duke Quissilin of the East provinces. He was mostly the lazy ruler who didn't even map out his territory yet.

I remembered him mostly, from the complaints my tutor had, because he hadn’t drawn any maps. Rumor had it that Lady Werlien was the real ruler of the East.

Knight Chalence was the ruler of the south. He mostly went on expeditions, so the ruler in his place was Queen Aronad. She was a strict but fair ruler. Prince Wajalph, was the ruler of North.

He was too young, so it was said that his councilmen made most decisions. We finally went up to the real restaurant owner.

“What may I get you?” The owner asked questioningly, probably wondering why we were here so early in the morning. Flute rattled off a long list of foreign names to the owner.

“I’ll order.” I pushed Flute to the side. He was going to raise a lot of questions if he kept acting like this.

“Can we have some Glourovin bread; without the ‘special,’ and some of the meat pie that’s up for today? Could you by any chance get us sixty candles?” I asked.

“What’s that?” Hissed Flute.

“You’ll see.” The man came back with high piled plates. The dessert finally arrived. I hadn’t personally had any of it myself, but it was kind of a specialty among locals.

“Thank you very much!” Exclaimed Flute. Meanwhile, Cade was poking at the food.

“This smells weird. And looks weird.” Kieran sighed from behind her.

“He’s paying so don’t be rude.”

“But it is bouncing!” The bread had a orange jelly like substance on top, and was shaped like a circle. “Woah!” I turned around to see what possibly was going on.

Cade had managed to make the bread squirt out filling and she had gotten splattered with it. “Hot! Hot! Hot!” I nearly snorted my food back out.

The bread was warm, and oddly tingly, it had a sweet flavor. The waiter came back only to be hit with some of the filling. With an unamused face we wound up getting kicked out the restaurant.

“Now what?” Cade asked glumly. “It wasn’t even my fault!” Yeah right. Suddenly a light shone on our faces.

“Stop right there, scum!” I whipped my head around and saw the officials or Arrondis. Just perfect. I did the thing that was best; I ran.

Somehow despite that; we all wound up in prison. “Well, that was supposed to be a celebration. I just hope they’re heading West.” Flute said trying to sound optimistic.

“Of course they are. They’re Arrondis’s guards.”

“Our- on- this- who?” Cade sputtered.

“A-ron- dis. He’s the ruler of the West realm. He probably announced me a territory wide criminal.”

“Oh that man! I’ll beat him-”

“Seriously Cade? Am I supposed to believe you hated Akosh, yesterday?” Muttered Kieran raising an eyebrow.

“I still do!” She yelled. “Okay, fine.” She admitted finally. “I guess I can’t hate him anymore… But I still fiercely dislike him!” I rolled my eyes.

What was with the Insiders and their stupid emotions? It wasn’t hate. It was see them as an enemy or do not.

I heard clatters in the front; and then the dull thump of two bodies hitting the floor.

“Okay, peabrain. Care to tell me why you’re in jail?” A black haired boy stood near the entrance to the Machaau craft.

“So you’re here Meridan!” Exclaimed Flute. So that was the guy he was talking about...

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