Warrior of Warriors: Cade and Will
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Cade and Will try to get along. I don't think it works out well.

Warrior of Warriors: Cade and Will

Sorry that people may be upset by the sudden amount of implied cursing and stereotypes. They are just to show the characters' personalities.

~Will Russock~

The morning had arrived. Everything ached. What idiot had forgotten to bring a tent for the snow? I felt a prick in my right arm. Cade. The brat was up and she had a needle in my arm.

“What the heck, yellow eyes are you doing?!”

“For your record, you’re the one with yellow eyes.”

“Shut up four eyes!”

“Now that is just bias… For your information I’m taking a blood sample!”

“Really? When I’m sleeping, you little b- Dad!” My father had grabbed me around the ankles while I was concentrating on the bratty girl and was giving me a death glare.

“Yes! I’m a doctor! Now hold still or you’re going to get a pain reliever in the eyeball instead of the arm!” I gritted my teeth and finally stayed still.

“So tell me why you’re taking blood samples?”

“I’m making a weapon to work on the creatures.”

“Does that include me?”

“Maybe. It depends how annoying you are.” I scowled. “Now here’s some food- that you better eat. I’m only helping you as long as I believe I need to.

I can’t tell how your own father stands you.” I glowered.

“Listen dwarf. If you can’t keep your freaking mouth shut, I’m going to chuck you off the face of Aurasol- yes that’s rather possible.”

“Yeah- I’m pretty sure you’re the only one who defined that stereotype for being soulless. The only.”

“Stereotyping are we? Let me think of some for you. How about-” Punch! This time both me and Cade got it from Dollie. “Ow! Why don’t you go back to being a Doll?!”

“Knock it off you cockroach!”

“Quit your stereotyping, cursing, name calling, roasting, and generally being two donkeys!” Somehow now we were getting along. I think it was getting hit.

“Fine. I’ll do it for his sake.” Muttered Cade.

“Who are you talking about?”

“Do the math. Your dad’s, friend’s son.”

“He is not my dad!”

“He is.”

“Okay whatever. So the hero Jack somehow has a son?”

“No. His other friend.”

“Gosring? He has a son?” Some tea poured out of my mouth.

“Yeah. He’s close to me. I’m doing this whole journey for his sake. So I will try to be your friend. Or at least fake it.”

“So your friend would want to be friends with me?”

“Yeah. Well, he wants to be friends with almost anyone and everyone. Anything and everything. He only didn't want to be friends with the woman and man who dissed and hated on Gosring.

” I wondered if that last remark was directed towards me. But I guess I couldn’t blow up again if I didn't want a black eye. “He’s usually really optimistic too.

But when he gets mad- it takes a lot- but still, he gets really mad. He distances himself from everyone, blames everything on himself, and lets it all out.

When usually he won’t hurt a soul on purpose, he was willing to kill one person and a creature for targeting his father, and wanted to kill a man who wasn’t involved with him, but his mother.

You can hurt him any way you want to. He won’t protest. He will stubbornly believe it is his fault. But if you so much as touch his friends he will scream at you, or try to hurt you back.

” That was interesting. Was she telling me this because she believed she would feel guilty if he got mad at her for yelling at me?

“How’s he like when he’s with… friends?” I inquired in a desperate attempt to get off a bad topic.

“He fools around, and he’s generally fun to be with but also super annoying and doesn’t know what an insult is! He’ll wake you up at five so you need to change your whole sleep schedule!”

“Doesn’t know what an insult is?”

“Example one? ‘You uh-er- goat!’ When he got mad. Example two? You call him stupid and he admits he’s bad at math but says you should have complimented him instead.

Example three? If he’s not trying to insult you but just joke around he insults you anyways.” I stifled a laugh remembering that I should be mad at her.

“The cooking is decent- way better than John’s.”

“I’m not sure whether to take that as an insult or not, considering you said your father was an absolute terrible cook.”

“I don’t know either. I don’t think I know how to do conversations.”

“Over fifty and you still don’t know?”

“Is that an insult?”

“Maybe. I don’t know either. Okay. Ask a question. Then wait for an answer and answer the question yourself. Comment on something politely, and then start a topic on the question.

At least that’s how I think you do it. I only had a mirror to practice in front of for ‘AM’ issues and then a wall.”


“Bad question. Anger management. Got a problem?”

“Yeah I actually h-”

“That was supposed to be rhetorical. Anyways, what’s your favorite thing to do?” She looked pained, looking as if she wanted to call me more names.

“Are you two getting along?” Dollie’s head poked in.

“YES. PERFECTLY FINE WITHOUT INTERRUPTIONS!” We both yelled. Dollie went away eventually.

“Reading. Of the old myths. Like the myth of Yusuru the Benevolent and Pagos the Invincible. I liked Pagos to be frank.”

“Uh- huh. Yeah. He was a great person wasn’t he?”

“Did you even read the myths? Aren’t you just babbling to babble?” I sneered.

“It is kind of obvious you don’t even know who those two are! Pagos was the antagonist and about ninety percent of the world hates him! Yusuru and Pagos started as friends.

However due to some unfortunate circumstances, both of them were separated and began a civil war against each other. It lasted for an entire winter.

That’s why the name got changed to Darkened Moon. The battles were so bright, bloody and violent that the heavens must have lit up, and the sun wasn’t visible. Thousands died.

These seas are known as the Scarlet Seas by the locals. There used to be a world beyond this but it broke off from the result of the war. That’s the real reason why I’m coming.

Secondly, I want to kill some yellow eyed bastards.”

“Okay fine! I didn't even read the myths! Second of all quit antagonizing against 99 Souls.”

“Weren’t you not discriminating against them a meer minute ago?”

“Maybe! But I remembered to think of it as they were people! I’m sure you didn't want to be called soulless. That’s a stereotype too. Okay. Pretend we weren’t screaming at each other. Quick.

” Dollie had come over.

“Well, talking about that, I like Pagos because I can connect with his hate. Yusuru killed his parents in order to protect someone. But that ended their friendship. Pagos learned to hate Yusuru.

Forgot everything they did for each other. Meanwhile Yusuru thought of it as a casualty and promised to not lose what was left. That was why the war happened.”

“Ha-ha- very funny. It reminds me of someone.” Dollie finally decided we weren’t fighting and walked away. “You. And Pagos.”


“The 99ers killed your mom, correct? So you want to kill them. But John told me that they saved you guys sometime last night.

The 99ers are like Yusuru aren’t they? That’s it! They’re protecting someone and they thought that you two were assaulting them!” I had never thought of that.

But they were monsters to me all the same. Saving my life or not, one of them had to die for the crime.

“Just- shut up. Don’t you dare talk about my mother.” She did for once.

“Okay. What is one thing that cheers you up every day you’re down?”

“What is this? Twenty one questions?

“Three questions.”

“Hmmm…” That one was a real killer to think about. “Be like the blade. Flexible, and sharp, strong enough to cut through steel. The blade doesn’t have to kill someone to keep you safe.

The blade should be used to keep those close to you safe.” I stroked the hilt subconsciously.

“Then why do you try to kill us with that thing?!”

“Because I forgot it- so I might as well have made up that theory right now. Someone told me that when I was six. My mother did actually.

Back then people even at a young age, fought, killed, trained, and got broken. Assassin families were popular. Mercenary families, gangs, and cults were also well known back then.

Nowadays those things are banned. School requires you to be eleven instead of four. But they didn't have those things when I was a kid.” How true that was.

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