Terror on the Tracks (Pt. 4 Collab)
Terror on the Tracks (Pt. 4 Collab) fiction stories

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José Benedict
Elina Blackburn
Caitlyn Cox
Plot: And José Benedict winds up the third victim...

Terror on the Tracks (Pt. 4 Collab)

José Benedict-

After helping the man onto the train, I headed over to Cab 2, as it was conveniently labeled. I clutched the bag tighter to my shoulder and took a seat on the red leather bench.

Raymond followed in my footsteps, taking a seat next to me. He looked nervous but I figured it was just from how many people were here.

I gave him a reassuring grin, which he ignored and sunk deeper into his seat.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” I inquired of him.

“Nothing.” he muttered in a muffled voice.

“There must be something bothering you.” I countered.

“Fine. There is. Can you leave me alone now?” Raymond grumbled.

“What is it?”

“Nevermind.” He got up to leave the cab. “Save my seat, would’ja?”

I nodded and suddenly wondered why everyone was crowded around the other bench. I decided to check it out, since I couldn’t help myself.

A woman wearing a white jacket and jeans was laying down on a bench. Blood surrounded her and some was dripping onto the floor.

Another woman with reddish brown hair in a ponytail kneeled by the other woman’s stomach and was applying ointment to some fresh looking stitches.

I had always been interested in doctoring practices, it was just that I had never learned them myself.

When I had grown up, I wanted to help my country, and since becoming a doctor required a lot of education, I had become a soldier instead.

The doctor? bandaged the woman up and tried to keep the panicked crowd under control. When most of the bystanders had left, I sat down next to the doctor.

“Can you help me out with this mess, since you’re here?” she asked, handing me a handful of paper towels and a cleaning spray. I wondered where she got them from, but didn’t ask.

It was probably the storage coach anyway.

“Could you tell me what happened?” I questioned.

The patient, who I hadn’t known was awake, raised her head. “I was attacked.”

“Why do you need to know that?” the doctor asked me, peeling off her plastic gloves and throwing them into a trash bag.

“Uh-” I started. It wouldn’t hurt to tell the truth. It wasn’t like I liked lying. And there wasn’t like there was any way around it. “I guess I could tell you. I’m an unofficial detective.

A wound like that isn’t normal.”

“Unofficial detective. . . ” The doctor mused, spraying a part of the bench and swiping at it with her rags.

“Yeah. I work as a sub normally.” I specified,

“So you’re just a normal person claiming to be a detective.” She pointed out, so bluntly and straightforwardly that I cringed.

“Well, I guess you could say it that way. My name’s José.” I told her.

“José what?” she queried.

“José Benedict.” I admitted. “Who’re you?”

Her hazel eyes drifted over to mine and gave the slightest of blinks. “Call me Dr. Blackburn.”

“Dr. Blackburn?” I echoed. “What’s your first name?” I asked, then wondered if this was too nosy a question.

“That,” she hissed, “Is none of your business.”

“I figured you were going to say that.” I groaned. “How about you?”

“Me?” asked the injured woman on the bench. “I’m uh- Caitlyn. Caitlyn Cox.”

“Who do you think the murderer is?” I asked.

“Uh- I don’t know. But-”

I cut her off. “Then could you tell me any distinctive features you saw on the murderer?”

“Uh-no.” she winced. “Could you get me some ice?”

“Yes. I’ll go get some ice. Benedict stay here and-” Dr. Blackburn replied curtly before I cut her off.

“I’ll go do it. It would be wiser for you to stay here to take care of Ms. Cox. Besides… it isn’t a huge cut of my time and I’d be happy to help!” Dr.

Blackburn sighed and waved me out of the cab, before reassessing Ms. Cox’s medical conditions.

Once in the kitchen I couldn’t seem to find the ice dispenser.

It was kind of pathetic considering this place was only about as large as my normal kitchen and pantry, something in which it was fairly easy to navigate.

Nothing behind the cans, nothing next to the cooking instruments, and nothing behind the wine shelf.

The freezer wasn’t even near the vegetables and fruits! Okay… how about in front of the wine shelf…?

SMASH! Without a warning the shelf toppled over splintering into tiny fragments of glass and wood. Alcohol splashed all over the floor and soaked into the bottoms of my boots.

Before my brain had time to register that I should probably move instead of wondering how I could have possibly knocked it down, or if it was the train,

glass had implanted and impaled itself in my ankles. Well more like my left. My right leg remained untouched due to the fact the I had already lost it and my left arm in war.

I yanked the glass shards out of my my right leg and it instantly started bleeding. No biggie. I had endured more… now to clean up the mess.

I picked up a conveniently placed broom and swept the drink away into a pail. That would prevent someone else injuring themselves.

I next swept the glass away, but only then did it occur to me that if this was sabotage, someone could have left a footprint. This is why I’m not an official detective. I told myself.

Also why I’m more of the ‘distraction’ than a soldier.

I was too busy getting obsessed about my comrades injuries and preventing the enemy from getting too injured, that my superiors had said that I would make a better use as a distraction.

And then I officially got booted out not too long after and had to find other work… as a sub.

Apparently they were skeptical about someone with automail limbs, and not much of a degree as a full time teacher. Wonder why. In any case, somehow I got acc- Oh yeah.

I was supposed to bring the ice to her. I finally set the shelf back up and grabbed some ice, wrapping it in a cloth.

That should do… I sure hope they don’t ask about what happened, and why I bandaged my- got distracted.

I went back to the train cab and got to the door only to get screamed at. “WHAT POSSIBLY TOOK YOU FIFTEEN MINUTES?!” Dr. Blackburn demanded.

“I got lost?” I offered standing a good foot away from her.

“How could you get lost?! It’s a pantry! Less than a normal kitchen in fact!” Her eyes teemed with rage as if she expected to have seen me do something nefarious.

“Uh… Doctor Blackburn? Can you tend to me instead of-”

“Fine.” If I had to guess this woman’s profession ten years back, I would not have guessed doctor.

She looked ready to murder me! She snatched the ice roughly out of my hands and pressed it to the patient’s side. She took a long drag of the air. “Just go back to your cab.” She sighed.

“And next time? Don’t help.” Those words stung, but I did this anyways. When I got back Raymond was rocking back and forth and his chair looking irritated.

“What took you so long?! They’re already beginning to have lunch without us! They’ll eat all my favorite noodles! Let’s hurry!” I supposed this guy couldn’t be that bad.

Maybe he was just shy earlier. ‘Or something else.’ The rude little voice in my head hissed. He could have been the one to push the shelf down, after all he was gone at the same time.

I shook the feeling and followed after him. I wondered, what I should eat?

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