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smilealittleanother soul in the infinte universe
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A poem i wrote for my best friend who is going through a tough time. She is an amazing person and has helped me through so much, that it makes me so pissed when nobody treats her right.


by smilealittle

She lived in a broken society. An angel among this Earth. A warrior of black-red dyed

Perfect in all her imperfections, She had her own struggles, you see. A struggle she suffered everyday.

To get up, to find a will. She but everyone else above, But the problem with that, Is her wings.

It was so hard, Hard to find the strength to lift herself up.

She has a kind heart. Which in this society, it is hard to keep, Because people destroy.

With lies and they cheat, for so many worthless things. She is hurt so much, she is disgusted to be called a human being.

Society, it cuts her feet, as she walks on The shattered pieces of peace.

She fights wars against the demons in her mind. Telling her to go back home. The Earth is fine.

But the Earth needs her, Desperately

It needs an angel's light, to change this monstrous life. But it isn't fair, to put this on a girl. Whose heart is broken far to many times.

To face an obstacle, she already faced in this life. Why does this warrior have to Go to war everyday.

Tears streaming down her face, As the one she loves causes her pain. But she sees the good in everyone. They can change.

This core belief she holds on tight. But she is dying tonight Society, it judges cruelly, for how she acts, and who she is.

Quiet, on occasion. But loud when she needs to be. When she sees and injustice she is the girl to fight a against it.

But it is not fair, for this amazing quality, to be put down, because she is female.

A beautiful smile, that is now fractured, Because some bastard didn't know better.

Older than her but acts like a child. Disregards her feelings, like nothing. But this isn't fair to her.

Because she puts his feelings above everything. This angel who I am passionate about. I want her to have everything.

I would give up my strength, My own angel wings. So she can fly always freely.

Cause she is the best, That life has to offer. And my heart screams out for her.

Because why does life, want to take her out? But she is not going down, She will fight,

With all the Fury of Hell.

But lately, She feels nothing. Because someone did something horrible. And she doesn't know her worth anymore.

She is so lost, in the maze of Betrayal and Mistrust. This angel seems to have given up.

She has lost her halo of hope. Because what this person did, made her believe she failed in love.

But I will be damned if she loses this fight. I wish upon every fricken star in the night sky. That I have the ability to take her heart break. I can be her fighter.

I will step in the ring, be the champion. Box against life. But I know one thing for sure.

I will always be by her side. Even if it means, Staying up all night. Because I can't let my friend die on the inside.

I will try to preserve her light. Because so many try to blow it out. Like a birthday candle. Snuffing out her light with betrayal.

I have nothing but admiration, for my angel. For my angelic best friend. The walking celestical being.

Constellations make up her skeleton. While she sings like a mythical siren. This is my magnificent best friend.

I know society will try to ruin her, Kill her sugar, turn her bitter. ButI rather die. Then let society have it's way.

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