Midnight sleep stories
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smilealittle another soul in the infinte universe
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A poem i wrote at midnight because some nights are harder than others.


by smilealittle

It is 12o'clock it is time for night thoughts Which is diluted with

Dreams and realites, What if's and could be's and somehow I can see everything.

I don't understand this feeling. what is it doing to me? My heart pounds faster, My soul grows dimmer.

But yet I still find the fire, The passion that ignites my light. Confusion in my head, My eyes screaming. "Go to bed!"

But my heart won't listen, Always replaying events, like a broken record. Just like me.

Glueing back a little at a time Careful not to cut myself Because it is terrifying.

The anxiety and the monster, that is a sleep at day time. Now crawls around me looking for ways to inflict pain.

I would scream help me. But how do you do that when everyone is alseep

Crying and dying In silence, Then go on to the next day act like it is fine.

Sometimes I wish I was never alive At midnight.

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