you don't know how to love me
you don't know how to love me sad stories

slimetights it'll be okay, if you let it be
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you don't know how to love me

- and god knows you tried // s.t

i was sixteen when i gave you my heart.

i say gave; in reality, you stole it from me

you ripped it from my chest

and watched as i desperately tried to stitch the skin closed again.

but that's okay.

you see, i was captivated by your eyes.

and i, for a second, believed you were captivated by mine.

in september, the nights got colder; the end was nearing

and i could already feel frostbite numbing my fingertips

and your scarf was beginning to muffle your voice.

i've never had the best hearing.

maybe that's why you thought i didn't listen.

maybe that's why you decided enough was enough.

you left.

but the thing is

you were my moon and my stars.

but now you're gone...

and the sun can finally rise again.

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