May crush stories

sleepymeow Community member
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From confessing to my crush ,dating him, breaking up to getting over him : all in one month - May. The story of my first love.


May this May be the time I may never forget For I went through love, heartbreak and recovery I think about the decisions which I now regret From chaining myself to setting myself free

May this may be the time I may always cherish For i confessed some feelings that were true It meant the world to me when you said you had the same wish Cause from that day I dreamt about nothing else but you.

May this may be the time I may forever feel For I knew when you started drifting away and gave me justifications I had to "understand" and hence we agreed on that unfathomable deal- Wait for two years as I pay heed to my aims and my ambitions

May this may be the lesson I learnt the hard way For I sacrificed my all - my time, my sleep and my dreams In an instant, you called it all my misunderstanding and we called it a day while I still played and prayed for us,you sent us to to different teams

May this may be my worst kryptonite Though we spoke for hours and hours everyday and every night And I felt myself falling for you and God, I couldn't help with all my might, I am thankful. Thankful to you that these days were finite, They ended my worst plight And made me my own shining armour wearing knight.

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