You Never Truly Know Someone
You Never Truly Know Someone stories

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You Never Truly Know Someone

by sleeplesstruths

You never really know anyone

And that is what I learnt today

People can become back stabbing bitches

Even if you are related by blood

Just because you think your BEST FRIENDS

Doesn't really mean you are

Since we go to different schools

I never knew how she'd act there

So I decided to surprise my 'cousin' at school

Because its still holidays for me

I couldn't find her anywhere

But realised people where mentioning my name behind, saying things that I can't even mention

I realised that they where her friends from photos I'd seen

And they were talking shit about me because of HER

Because of my COUSIN

The one who said she'd never betray

And will always be by my side

And all I've learnt is that

You never truly know someone

Even if your related by blood

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