Tick Tock
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Tick Tock

by sleeplesstruths

I'm writing as fast as I can

My hand is beginning to cramp up

I'm looking up and down every second

From the paper laying in front of me to the clock at the front of the room

Tick tock tick tock

Only 30 seconds to go

Regret is starting to seep into me

Why didn't I study for this before, why did I wait last minute

Tick tock tick tock

20 seconds remaining on the clock

Only thing going through my head was finishing that essay

My hand still writing as I look back up at the clock

Tick tock tick tock

10 seconds on the clock

I hear pens slamming onto the table

Of those who studied and didn't waste their time like me

Beep beep

The supervisor announces to put your pens down

But I'm still writing

Staring at them to make sure I don't get caught

She begins to walk down my row

I'm rushing to finish, but finally

I slam my pen onto table angry at the effort I put into it

Why do I keep doing this to myself

Why do I always waste my time

I know netflix and youtube aren't going anywhere and yet I must watch it

But nothing I do now

Will change the outcome of my exam

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