Mother Knows Best
Mother Knows  Best secretcomma stories

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Mothers always know best

Mother Knows Best

by sleeplesstruths

Lynne didn't understand. She studied her ass off for this scholarship. She had a GPA of 3.8.

All her hard work gone to waste because if she didn't take it. But if she did, she would never see her parents again.

They will hate her, they wont even pay for other necessities that she would need. It's not like they don't have money. What about her sisters... they wouldn't let her see her sisters.

Her sisters.... she would miss them. Her favourite twins. But Lynne was lost. She didn't what to do.

She has a crush on the guy who lives there and she knows her chances will be better there. Especially since he said, 'if you move to Texas we will definitely be together'.

Her parents knew about her crush and yet they still wouldn't let her move.

'Lynne, honey, come downstairs for a moment', her mother yelled from the living room.

When she entered she couldn't move. She was too shocked to even respond to what her mother said next.

'Isn't that the boy you liked?' her mother questioned. There was two pictures of him on the news. A younger and older version of him.

And it was. He was arrested for killing 5 other girls by luring them on social media. He was currently 32 but showed them photos of him when he was 20. The title read, 'Child predator captured'.

SHIT. I never listen to my mother. She basically saved my life. What if I moved out when I was supposed to a couple days ago. What am I without her?

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