I spoke the truth
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I spoke the truth

by sleeplesstruths

You didn’t have to move to NYC just to get away from me

At the cost of leaving your friends and family behind

I know, I know you say your father lives there

But is he even family. When was the last time you spoke

I said I loved you and you packed up and left

I'm sorry for telling you the truth

I get it to an extent, your not over her

We were both in the same situation. They broke our hearts.

We both had our flaws.

But you had more time to get over her

Than I had to get over him.

And the sad part about it is

I don't think I can get over you.

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bernardtwindwilGifted WriterGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
8 months agoReply
This sounds like a dysfunctional rebound relationship. You think to little of your self that you will never get over him. Sure you will. Earth to sleeplesstruths. This guy left you high and dry. You deserve better than that shabby treatment. I am I supposed to believe that your love is so shallow that you can't get over him and love someone else if he walked into your life right now. Your writing does not fool me. I know that you have a huge heart with a depth of talent. You are above this shallow begging. Great work!!!