Can't stay away
Can't stay away

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Can't stay away

by sleeplesstruths

I always get myself into this mess

I always let him tell me I'm smart and pretty

I always let him tell me I'm amazing and I have a nice smile

I always let him tell me I have an amazing personality

And I'm too good for him

And I believe him

I believe every word that comes out of his mouth

Thinking that he will catch me

When I hopelessly fall in love with him

But alas, that will never be my reality

He will never catch me

Instead he will message other girls

While we go out for dinner

He will comment on their instagrams

While I'm sitting right beside him

And of course he will sext them

Because I will never be good enough for him

But for some god damned reason

I still can't stay away

And I get myself into this mess.

Because for I am a hopeless lover and dreamer

And that will be the death of me.

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