to them it may concern
to them it may concern perserverance stories

skylines pansexual poet / 17 / she or they
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a letter that i will never send (abuse tw).

to them it may concern


i am me. i am not your doll. my clothes are not for your entertainment, and my makeup is not for your comfort.

i don't pin up my hair for people like you, nor do i get tattoos for the opinions of others.


i am me. i am not your puppet. i am not a hollow shell of myself. not anymore. i can make my own decisions, and i know what i'm doing.

i have ambition, ambition powered by your disbelief, refusal, and dissent. ambition powered by me and my spite.


i am me. i am not thick-skinned. i am sensitive, emotional, and soft.

how dare you stab me with your words when you know this truth? how dare you inflict me with guilt, false guilt, to manipulate me?

how dare you shield yourself as a victim, when i am the one bleeding? you carry a sword edged with abuse, and i have too many scars from it.


i am me. i am not for you. i am my own being, my own body; you do not get to touch it. no longer are you allowed into my head, my mind, and my soul.

you will forever be the salt in my wounds, the wounds you created, but you will never make new ones.

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