the cake is a lie.
the cake is a lie. lies stories
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skylines nonbinary poet / 20 / they
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the untruth of it all

the cake is a lie.

in this story, life is sweet. expected to be sweet, anyway.

this is not the case.

life is cruel, it does not bow down to mankind.

it turns and twists to fit some agenda i infer, but sometimes i think it has an agenda of its own.

sometimes things are ǝpᴉsdn uʍop.

actually, cross that out.

.uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sᴉ ƃuᴉɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ

parents are unloving.

injustice harbor the courts.

schools don't educate.

hate is coveted, and love is left to the gutter.

life is pretty.

its goopy frosting, plastic sprinkles, and rock hard candy pearls decorate its surface, hiding a salty cake inside.

someone switched out the sugar.

perhaps it is time to make a new cake.

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