seasons of love
seasons of love lgbtq stories

skylines nonbinary poet / 20 / they
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a sapphic heartbreak poem

(yeah ik it's sad i'm sorry for the sad gays trope but i will be writing more happy stuff! this was just in my archives and i decided to post something so i have at least one piece of work on my profile)

seasons of love

a winter love with hair so icy blue. she took me into the city and played me a melody with her lips while it snowed.

a spring sweetheart with eyes brown as the new earth. she brought me to the garden where i picked the roses for her, pricking my fingers in the thorns.

a summer darling with olive skin baking in the sun. she carried me to the sea and baptized me with her kiss in the salty air

an autumn heartbreak. she left me there with bleeding fingers, stinging from the salty air and the cold breeze rushing through the city, with no kisses to protect me.

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