Never Again
Never Again mystery stories

skylieThis time I'm ready to run #1D
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just a short story .neither romantic nor funny .MY FIRST BOOK AS WELL. ENJOY READING!!!!!!!!!

Never Again

by skylie


I stared outside the window thinking what's gonna happen when my ch-------- My thoughts were soon cut off by the sudden break of the bus.

the driver must be pretty insane guy because when he pull the breaks every one jolted up from their seats...many people started shouting at the driver for his poor skills of driving.

no one know that this is his last time riding the bus. I ignored them and went back staring and back to my thoughts.

''Your phone is ringing ,I guess.'' the guy sitting next to me said.I nodded and started fishing my phone from my bag.

i checked to see that it was him who was calling me .I ended the call and waited for the one last thing in my life to happen.

I turned and faced the guy who was sitting next to and said''GOOD BYE 'HOPE WE MEET AGAIN'' he looked confused but shurgged it off .And then it happened......


A bus driving on the highway met with an accident .Officials confirmed that a lady in the bus was carrying a bomb with her.....

------------------------------------THE END------------------------------------

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