Hold back..never let go...

        Hold back..never let go... #neverletgo #beyourself stories
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skyler_2 I'm 💜Skyler💜,I have a lot of accounts
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I'm not sure what I can call this!A poem or a song
But,I hoped U enjoyed!

Good bye,my lovelies!!

Hold back..never let go...

Once upon a time, I saw you there,standing on your own Leaving your heart and soul.. U were all alone,nobody was on your side But,you keept texting on your phone!You keept scrolling down to you childhood photos all along..

As you saw..your past was fading away!You were on your own once again a lone wolf~ You swore to yourself to never find love,and make friends! But,someone holded you,on their arms,and said; ''Hold back..never let me go.. Someone can save you,who knows?''

Those were the words,I never heard!But,it made me alive! I didn't knew if this was a lie! Walking thru the lake of dreams!I can see,me!! I'm seeing myself,once again.. The last day i'm alive!I lived a living hell life,but who knows.. I can go to heaven..

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