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I close my eyes and open wide the vision in me, A Queen on her throne,

Castle of Dreams

I close my eyes and open wide the vision in me,

A Queen on her throne,

With robes woven with silk from her dreams.

The shooting stars had been kind.

The wishes I mumbled where heard from afar.

Many are the things I want

Greedy some may call me

But for a Queen these are but trifle things

For a commoner it's unbearable

To even entertain this thought of wanting more

For does their station permit such fleeting thoughts.

Of which purpose is but to ignite the mind

And push man on a fruitless journey of woes.

But Queen or not

A human can wish for more than they have.

For reality is a bitter pill

But a pill nonetheless to be taken.

Right on time

As the physician prescribes

For it sustains the taker.

For dreams can't fill empty stomachs

Dreams can't quench thirst.

Wishes are wishes

The romantic mind will wish

The pragmatic one will eat and drink.

Oh such a cynic you are!

I can already hear you say.

But a Queen wrapped in her robe of dreams

Has but nightmares to fear.

So I stand by my thoughts.

That wishes are not,

The key to the dreams I wear.

I must face reality

With the heart deep inside of me

Yearning for the magic from the stars.

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