Suicide can wait
Suicide can wait stories

skyensaraCommunity member
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Suicide can wait

by skyensara

I was going to kill my self on the sixth of July, it's my birthday and I had nothing to live for I gave myself til the sixth to try and change things, but I didn't think a single thing would

Change.... But then I was on Facebook looking at puppies for sale, even though people have told me I can't have a dog, I decided it's my birthday and I'm going to et one any way. It's my life at

The end of the day, I'm the lonely one, if I want something loving and caring I have every right if the dog is for sale to buy her and give her my love and time. Because no one ever did that for

Me. But I'm glad I've started to ignore other people, I know what I need and they are not the ones suffering, so I guess on this occasion, suicide will just have to wait... For my dogs lifetime x

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