The Seas of Life
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The Seas of Life I remember the good ole days

The Seas of Life

I remember the good ole days When we could talk face to face Warm summer days, a cold autumn breeze, snowy winter, and rainy spring Weren't the same when you were gone

I was lost I had forgotten who I was without you Struggling to remember who i was without you Every happy memory had you in it

I was buried Crying Screaming Trying to catch a breathe Drowning in the stormy sea of feelings i was left in

We were happy Swimming in the shallow end of the pool where we could touch Where we were comfortable

We decided to take a float And go in deep Together

It took me by surprise The unexpected wave I was thrown off Not knowing what to do

You were fine Floating still but drifting away Without me Leaving me

The storms came The rain poured down The wind blew The lightning was my only source of light in the bleak grey sea

I struggled to stay afloat The ocean drowning me Pulling me down Seeming to whisper, "She'll never be back"

Trying to drown me Almost winning The struggle was real A battle I fought alone every day Never catching a break

Exhaustion Vulnerability The darkness had its chance And sent wave after wave Finally drowning me

I had no hope left As I watched the lightning start to disappear I saw a hand Without hesitation I took my chance You pulled me up

A new smile and new face I'd never seen You offered me shelter, food,and clothes after days spent alone You returned to me my smile The hope I had been missing You showed me new friends

And gave me a new start I was comfortable And happy again Looking back at old memories finally smiling instead of crying I could look at the ocean without fear of drowning again

You took me there And threw me in without a float Seeming to laugh at my weakness I wasn't alone this time Three other head bobbed in the water beside me

I was drowning again Old thoughts swimming through my head Panic Anxiety Loss It was happening again

I was tricked once more I was naive and stupid to trust without reason But those three heads who were thrown away with me Became my life line

The only thing keeping me afloat We were stronger together We became stronger We learned our lesson God shinned on us a light of opportunity

For the right friends He shoved away the poisoned people we thought we could trust And gave to us new ones who would always be there We came out stronger We came with friends who will have our backs

The ocean could not stop us now

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